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Friday, July 28, 2017

Hens guarding the Hen House

Hens guarding the Hen House

Dear Social Worker/Child Savior:

I noticed you're tweets, and while I think it's very honorable that you care so much about fighting pedophilia and the horrible crimes against children, I have to question your true intentions. Afterall, you are a Social Worker. In the eyes of someone who's trust has been betrayed, combined with the 'new breed' of Social worker ethics this is a highly debatable topic right now, especially as we enter the next generation of humanity.

Let me explain...

My daughter and I were victimized by CPS 9 years ago when she was almost 17 years old. This is a child I raised alone as a single Mother since she was just 6 months old. The ONLY time my daughter has EVER been abused was at the hands of CPS who kidnapped her in order to obtain Federal Funds. She was taken from school without Police warrants, or any investigation. No Social worker even came to our house. We had just moved to a new town and bought a ranch. There's much more to our story, but for starters let's focus on the "Clinton Mob".

I'm sure you're aware that you work for the largest Human Trafficking operation in US history. It is one that has a consistant track record of kidnapping children for the past 35 years. In almost every single case I've noticed Social workers tend to diverge, focusing on crimes further away from 'home', without ever mentioning the 700,000 kids who are being kidnapped and drugged each year by their own employers. Is there any particular reason why this critical piece of information is being withheld? Is it because the State signs your payroll checks? Whatever the case may be, as a victim it drives me crazy seeing 'child saviors' staying silent when there's an underlying deceit. You know who you are! The truth is CPS does play a MAJOR role in the Pedophilia epidemic that's occuring all over America. It's even occuring within CPS and fostercare. In order to fully understand you would need to peel back the layers in time.

In 1997 Bill Clinton enacted ASFA which gave "Bonuses" to the states for every child that was taken & placed into fostercare. This was one year after his wife Hillary Clinton wrote the book "It takes a Village...". The question we all should be asking is WHO raised Hillary's child? Was her book some megalomaniac joke of the impending 'holocaust' that was to come? Coincidently The Clinton Foundation was formed the very same year ASFA went into effect, ensuring the Clinton's would profit from every screaming child that was snatched out of their parents arms. In fact, convicted Pedophile Jeffrey Epstein initially helped to form the Clinton Foundation which he funded. Since then the Clinton's CPS has taken a drastic turn for the worst for they have now turned into a 'so-called' legal child kidnapping ring. After ASFA CPS rapidly gained speed, with Social workers snatching kids like candy as though they were on Sugar-Coated Anabolic Steroids. They are an agency who is more concerned with meeting 'quotas' to feed the never ending expanding corruption in order to obtain Federal Funds. This is where the REAL tragedy lies, for it is due to this corruption they are unable to protect the children who are truly abused.

In fact it's even been suggested that children are allowed to die just so CPS can get free publicity, by running sad stories on Nancy Grace and other media outlets in order to solicit votes that will help enact new laws giving MORE money and power to the states. Listen up people! America is NOT some 3rd world Country. There are few, if any starving children with extended bellies begging for food on the streets. Most childen go to school from ages of 6 until 18 and believe me if children were malnourished or had bruises all over their bodies they would be reported by school officials in a heartbeat. But CPS doesn't want those children. Oh nooo, they want children who are easy to adopt out, just like my daughter, pretty, smart, blond hair, blue eyes, well behaved, and compliant. Nowadays the Socialist schools and even Law enforcement enrolled in the 'Cops In School' (CIS) program assist in taking kids for they too receive Federal Funds. I've been all over the world and never have I seen other countries snatching kids the way they do in America. (More on that talking point later)

I saw my "normal", happy-go-lucky, healthy, well-adjusted child denigrate right before my eyes. As a former foster parent I was completly shocked! Like so many other responsible parents I was under the impression that CPS really helped abused kids. My perspective has changed since coming into contact with this sadistic and very sinister agency who can best be described as'the Gestapo'. Just ask Victor Thorn who met his fate after writing "The Clinton Body Counts". He is just one of many other victims who met their demise for being critical of the Clintons: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mh13ra9-GSE. However, we can't ignore the countless children who have died because of the Clintons, parents threatened, those slaughtered who dare speak out. So may I ask, is it really too far fetched to suggest that an agency connected to the Clinton administration is pure EVIL?

As a Social Worker surely you must be aware of all the unethical practices that CPS utilizes to obtain children, such as using coercion, lies, fabricating reports, paying Doctors to give parents & children FAKE Mental conditions. How they use ONLY State paid "therapists" to 'whitewash' children's heads to create'false memories', traumatizing children in order to break the bond and turn them against their biological parents. This is done so children perform like a good monkey's in Court, with the therapist sitting there couching them on what to say. For example, they couched my daughter into saying I was a "drug addict" just because I smoke cigarettes. During 'temporary placement' CPS uses their revolutionary state of the art 'reward-punishment'techniques that is oh so similar to MK Ultra, with all the bells and whistles.They've only had 70 years to perfect their mind control methods, which includes, taking away children's cell phones so they can't have any contact with their parents, placing them in isolation, punishment, making threats, using chaperones 24/7 to make sure children can't escape from foster care, etc. They offer to take them to McDonalds if they don't mention their parents, telling children their parents are drug 'addicts' or 'crazy', acting like their "saviors". They never tell children the truth, that they were also given a fake mental condition, whichever one the scientists are currently working on for cures. They might receive extra Federal funding for having Doctors give parents a certain mental diagnosis. In my case the Social worker must have been desperate for she paid a Doctor I never even met to write a fake report who works for an all Men's Mental Institution! LOL The best way to describe CPS is one big mind fuck!

Many missing children run away from fostercare trying to go home to their parents. Some end up dying, like the two teenagers girls last week from Texas who were hit by a mack truck while escaping fostercare. I sometimes wonder when I see "Missing Children" whether they are runaways too. I think back to all the missing children pictures placed on milk cartons, and somehow I see things so differely now.

You might think that snatching kids is oh so 'heroic', that your 'helping' them, but do you even follow the THOUSANDS of cases your involved in, what happens to these children's lives? On average a Social worker removes 30-40 children per month, and every 8 minutes another child is taken into State custody. Currently over 700,000 children are taken by CPS each year (based on 2015). Most children are placed on heavy duty psychotropic drugs, some that not even FDA approved. Medication that's prescribed like candy, turning children into mindless zombies so opportunists can make lots of money for "Big Pharma" and their shareholders. They can even predict the Stockmarket too. Nice!

After 'negative therapy' and being shuffled around to many different foster homes it's no wonder children end up becoming a complete utter mess. Many turn to prostitution to support themselves, before turning to drugs and ending up on the streets or in prison, where they continue to be victimized. The jails are filled with former foster kids. Maybe if the children were left with their protective 'non abusive' biological familes this could all be prevented. I have yet to meet a former foster child who hasn't somehow been left scarred. Just since I've been tweeting for the past 30 days all the perverts, X rated websites, and pedophiliac freaks have come out of the woodwork, warning me to stay 'quiet' as they salivate over media reports they tweet complaining that CPS isn't taking enough children. SICK!

The truth is CPS is a Government eugenics Organization who takes children from "targeted" populations which include: low income, disabled, overweight, Christians, blacks, or whatever other new flavor and prejudices the intelligentsia currently has. In fact, most of the techniques CPS uses come straight out of the Nazi Eugenics playbook.

We lived in California where Eugenics was first conceived:

You may say to yourself "oh that was then, that's in the past" or "we're much more civilized now". To think this way is your own cognitive dissonance, for what's happening in America is no different than what occured in pre-Halocaust Germany during 1933-1945. While "ethnic cleansing" may applied in different ways, or it might include different population targets, the concept is still the same. It's still very similar to the Nazi Euthanasia Program that included propagada and slandering the Jews:

In the 21st century we've become much more sophisticated,using the media to spread propaganda about the parents who the Court often issues 'gag orders', claiming it's to "protect the minor". They use other methods to camoflauge the truth so the masses have no clue that what's really going on. The real "fun" all happens in the 'Kangaroo' Civil Courts. If all these parents were truly abusing their children cases would be heard in OPEN "Criminal Courts" with Jury trials, and the guilty sent to prison, just as all criminal cases. Even those with traffic tickets are entiled to a Jury trial. The claim CPS makes is that the "Secret" Courts to protect the minor is completely absurd given the fact that children don't even appear at most hearings and when they do their testimonies are being obstructed. We call it the "Milk cartons & missing child poster" lie for if this were true WHY would the US Childrens Bureau have websites advertising children at: https://www.adoptuskids.org/

Looks to me like "the Hens are guarding the hen house" quite nicely!

Thanks for listening!


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