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Monday, January 16, 2017

Warning to parents! 

Be careful of schools who try to push vaccines on your children.  Jenny was 16 1/2 years old when the school nurse called wanting to vaccinate my daughter who had already been given all of her shots...

I asked the school nurse questions about these vaccines teling herI wanted to do some research.   Within days CPS took my daughter from school and she was vaccinated without being given a choice. My daughter who was a very healthy child has been having health problems ever since she was vaccinated so I'm warning other parents to the dangers of vaccines..!!!!


It all began when my teenaged daughter began skipping classes at school to be a boy named Adam, who was her first   boyfriend. This was going on for a few months so I had several meetings with the school and was required to sign weekly attendance reports. While reviewing the report I noticed that all the classes Jenny was skipping were the same classes Adam was in so I  requested that the school switch Jenny's classes so she would stay in class and focus on her schoolwork. However, the school refused to honor my request, saying "Jenny needs to learn to have more disapline". Yeah right. Try telling that to a 16 year old "hormonal" teernager.  Their solution was to "vaccinate" my daughter.  What raised my suspicious was the "timing" of their request-- for  it almost seemed as though they wanted to give Jenny a shot for "bad kids".  I told the nurse that my daughter had already received all her vaccines and I wanted to know what vaccine they wanted to give her. She rattled off a few names which I wrote down, telling her I would do some research and get back to her. One of the vaccines she mentioned was "Gardisil". While reseaching this vaccine online I noticed there were many complaints and lawsuits against the manufactuter so I told the school nurse I wasn't comfortable giving my daughter this HPV vaccine.  

This incident occured right after Jenny and I had just moved to San Luis Obispo County and it was her first year at this new school. I suspect my ex-husband who worked for my daughter's previous school had some involvement.  I had just won the SECOND custody battle and he wanted to get out of paying back child support, so he lied to social workers.  It didn't help matters when my daughter mouthed off to the office when she was out past cerfew one night to be with her boyfriend.  I was trying to keep the two lovebirds separated so that my daughter would stop skipping school to be with Adam.  The day after the officer brought her home with a stern warning is when I decided to go Christmas shopping but I didn't want to leave Jenny home alone.  I felt Adam was a bad influence on my daughter so I wanted to take her with me.
 But  Jenny put her PJ's on and pretended to be sick, and I knew that she was planning on sneaking out to be with Adam, so I told her to get dressed but she locked her bedroom door. After several hours of  pleading with my daughter to get ready so we could leave I finally had enough.  I ended up damaging the door while tryng to open it from the outside.  
While I was out shopping the very same officer Jenny made angry the night before showed up and he contacted CPS who placed Jenny into foster care. She was returned 3 days later and I thought that was the end of it. We had a wonderful Christmas. We rented a limosine and I took Jenny and her friend to stay at the Madonna Inn.  Six weeks later Jenny didn't come home from school and I discovered she was taken by CPS. Once she placed into fostercare she was taken she was vaccinatinated with Gardisil which made  her really sick. She began having memory problems, fatigue, and developed a blood disorder, with an array of other symptoms.  

I'll never know what happened during that 6 week period. I suspect that during this time my ex-husband and his family lied to social workers.  CPS wanted us to attend  therapy, which I had no problem with. However, since were planning on going back up north to our other home in Mt. Shasta over the summer I asked the Social workers if the the Judge would allow us to transfer our, to which they stated yes.  The very next day Jenny's therapist fabricated a report which granted an emergency removal and Jenny was taken from school.  Later on I discovered numerous children non-profits under mental health connected to our case that had familiar names listed as  Board of Directors and I realized that my daughter had been taken to obtain Federal Funds.

That's when our nightmare began...

One of the reasons I wanted to transfer the case is because Jenny already had a therapist located in Mt. Shasta who she had seen during our recent custody battle. During this 6 weeks that Jenny attended "therapy" I noticed something very different about the Theraists that CPS uses.  They were writing false reports and giving my daughter false mental conditions so I wanted to get her away from this bad situation and to a Therapist we knew we could trust.  After Jenny was placed into fostercare they used these therapists to traumatise her to the point where she  became suicidal  she started cutting on herself .  As a Mother it was horrifying to watch for there was nothing I could do. I snuck my cell phone in and took pictures of what Jenny was doing. They would use MK-Ultra and reward-punishment techniques in order to get my daughter to comply. They would promise to take Jenny to Mc Donalds if she didn't mention my name and they would constantly put me down to my daughter to instill negative thoughts into her head. They do this to break the bond between parent and child and I assume to make them loyal to the Government. Whatever CPS is doing to children is pure EVIL.

Even though this happened 8 years ago the memory still haunts me. My daughter is now 25 and messed up in the head. She has false memory syndrome because of the repeated trauma she suffered.

Kathleen Dearinger