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Sunday, June 28, 2009

How to win the election - Obama Style (Kathleen's Rant)

How to win an election:?  Promise to hire tons of Government workers, give them nice salaries, new cars, luxury vacations, & Drug stocks, then have them all work for YOU!  Don't forget to declare that you will be "expanding" Social Services &  be offering "Fringe benefits" so you can have them obtain 'more' children to fatten your wallet. Then drug all the kidnapped children so Stock Holders & Drug Cartels make lots of money. which they will donate to your Political Campaign. Make sure to bribe the media with "incentives" so they keep other politicians off the air and  promote yourself using 'propaganda'. Make empty promises to "special interest" groups; get everyone to have nightly Obama seances. Say the word "Yes we can" over and over until everyone is an "Obama Zombie". Promise everyone "Universal Health Care"  without mentioning how you're gonna get the money while your busy driving America into a financial collapse.  Make sure you don't tell people they won't be needing health care since you will be forcing vaccines on them and cutting off health benefits and RFID chipping the people that  you decide to let live.  Mention the brand new FEMA housing complexes that are built all over America. Now every American can  afford a home. Oh Thank you Obama!  Wait, there's more? My children will be serving you,  my Messiah, in Civilian Work programs? Wonderful idea! Now we won't have anymore overweight children. You do think of everything!  It all sounds so good to be true!!  Where can I cast my vote?   



Thursday, June 25, 2009

Baby Parts for Sale - An inside look into Americas most shocking "industry"

Get the DVD - "Baby Parts for Sale" - an inside look into America's most shocking "industry": http://bit.ly/TqeOV

Stay tuned for the sequel involving older kids & the Child Protection "Industry"...

Pro-Lifer Mark Crutcher on Alex Jones Tv 1/6:Illegal Activites Inside The Abortion Industry !!

Please watch all 6 of these clips. Guest Mark Crutcher is right.

Pro-Lifer Mark Crutcher on Alex Jones Tv 2/6:Illegal Activites Inside The Abortion Industry !!

Pro-Lifer Mark Crutcher on Alex Jones Tv 3/6:Illegal Activites Inside The Abortion Industry !!

Pro-Lifer Mark Crutcher on Alex Jones Tv 4/6:Illegal Activites Inside The Abortion Industry !!

Pro-Lifer Mark Crutcher on Alex Jones Tv 5/6:Illegal Activites Inside The Abortion Industry !!

Pro-Lifer Mark Crutcher on Alex Jones Tv 6/6:Illegal Activites Inside The Abortion Industry !!

This is exactly what the USA is doing. They are using Child Protection Services as a forefront for Eugenics. Why else are they doing psychological evaluations before they take children? What does an IQ level have to do with child abuse? NOTHING! Now we have social workers going to hospitals collecting DNA from newborns and various bills getting passed that threaten Family Rights. Visit: http://is.gd/1cYXN

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Oprah discusses Zionists Child Sacrafices

This is a disturbing video, but to better understand what is going on with CPS it is necessary to show this clip:

New America - Sex with Children by Talmud Rules

Monday, June 8, 2009

Report CPS to UN: There's a Method to My Madness

I agree! Time to go to the United Nations. Lets hold them accountable for violating laws