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Saturday, May 16, 2009


Parents Will Unite in Washington DC to Fight for Their Children, STOP CPS! http://bit.ly/70QrR

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Project Camelot provides a vehicle for CPS Victims, researchers, and whistleblowers to get their stories out! Visit: http://projectcamelot.org/

Twitter: "OurGV_Rewards"

Lets start documenting thes crimes against humanity! Don't forget to add me on twitter: "fu4childrights"

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Penn Narrates Harrowing Documentary About Child Abuse Scandal: http://www.us.imdb.com/…ni0722808/

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My "Secret" Hiding place from the CPS Gestapo

My girlfriend posted this...it shows my old secret hiding place from the Gestapo. I hid so I could expose their Child Trafficking operation. I've since moved out of the Country. HELP US STOP CPS NAZI'S!


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CPS Involved In Child Trafficking Rings Explains Senator Schafer 1 of 4

CPS Involved In Child Trafficking Rings Explains Senator Schafer 2 of 4

CPS Involved In Child Trafficking Rings Explains Senator Schafer 3 of 4

CPS Involved In Child Trafficking Rings Explains Senator Schafer 4 of 4

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The US Government cannot protect it's own Citizens much less help other countries!!

The United States government says their soldiers are fighting wars to protect other countries to develop Democracy and improve relations. What HOG WASH! The US government can not even protect it's own citizens from it's own Government Agency, Child Protective Services. This corrupt agency terrorize millions of families across the US by violating their Constitutional and Human Rights, as hearsay is the only aspect of usage in court to remove children from their parents.

US citizens pay billions of dollars of taxes for the government agency, Child Protection Services, CPS, to facade "protection", but really commit harm children, defame parents, and destroy families, as CPS, functions on hearsay, subjective, biased, opinionated, and careless lack of 'investigating', and the judges fail to honor their taken oath, but just simply rubber stamp anything said by the CPS workers, without evidence.

The United States of America, allows this government agency, Child Protection Services, CPS, to violate both the Constitution and Human Rights. Many children are abused and murdered at the hands of strangers, given by CPS. This agency is the human trafficking big money laundrying busines that is held under a cloak of secrecy, as there is no one to go to for help. Citizens are forced to surcumb. As complaints are sent to the Federal Government, the feds only tell the citizens to take their complaint back to the people that are committing the crimes against them. There is no avenue of protection against this agency, who has no over sight or responsible for their crimes. If anyone calls with hearsay false allegations just to get a parent in trouble, CPS, will remove children from the innocent parent, without investigating, but will commit perjury in court to remove the parental rights from the parent, and adopt the children out under the federal incentive program to make huge re-imbursements for the state.

Not all children removed from families by Child Protection Services, is really in need of aide. Many children are removed by false allegations, but the CPS workers are negligent, and fail to truly investigate. As a matter of fact, once a child is removed from a home, parents are rarely honored of their rights for the truth to be exposed, as the judges merely rubber stamp the arrogant perjurious statements of allegations without any evidence or proof of their claims.

Many children would not have psycho-social issues in need of care if the government agency, Child Protection Services, was an agency of professionalism, with the ability to know the difference of truth vs fiction, objective vs subjective, and actually investigate allegations, rather than allowing their biased, cultural, opinion, from clouding the issues that are to be investigated. There is no room for the CPS' subjective personal biases, as every family is as individual as a snowflake. Not one family is exactly alike. CASA, if they even meet the child will only side with CPS, the push is to gain children for the profit of federal incentives and big bonuses, not the welfare of the children. 

Therefore, helping children to become strong emotionally, mentally, and physically, with a positive self-esteem and self-worth, is not to remove them from their homes, unless there is a definite immediate threat for harm. Families may need assistance, financial support, medical availability, or education and direction to promote well-being as a family unit. However, CPS ignores their own policies and procedures, as they willingly with glee use routine tactics to remove the children from their home to force the parents additional stressors, of which is not the answer. I know what CPS does. I know their lies, willingness to commit perjury, falsification of court records, and their lack of fear to be held accountable or responsible for the harm caused by their lack of performing duties in the best interest of the children and families, rather than the best interest for the states to gain more federal bonus money or grants for the state.

Children in the US are stolen from safe homes, in order to make large profit for baby/child trafficking, in state, out of state, and internationally. Children are in danger all over the world, Human Trafficking and "Slave labor" is rampant, especially in the United States where more than 1.6 MILLION children are taken each year by our Government, yet American citizens are obstructed from knowing the truth. CPS Judges place illegal "Gag Orders" on parents and those who speak out are thrown in jail.  Many in society have become desensitized to the horrific actions taken upon innocent, precious, children. My heart is full of sorrow to have been shown the truths regarding how our elected officials fail to act upon the issues and ignore the cries of so many. From abortions of human beings, to abuse, rape, and murder, of the defenseless children, we are living in a society that has become as barbaric and heathenism as ever known. I am outraged, that elected officials down play the issues of many that suffer.

With much prayer, I hope you can being an awakening to this nation to stop the trafficking of innocent children, enlighten the people of the hidden secrets of our government's mistreatment of our children, parents, and families, and empower many to seek God's help to stop our own nation's ruin. What can be done to stop the madness of our children being harmed and families being destroyed, by a government agency, Child Protection Service, which claims to “PROTECT CHILDREN” and “PRESERVE FAMILIES? Our government will not acknowledge, listen, or act, upon the tragic harm they cause. With black and white evidence of what harm and destruction they are causing, they are not concerned. The lives and voices of children go unheard.

To those who need the truth to explain why so many children die each year in the nation of The United States please research how many are foster children. Since 2002 over 30,000 children have died at the hands of the State/ yet autopsies for these children murdered are not mandated nor are the perpetrators prosecuted. Withholding this information misinforms the citizens who are entited to be aware of how many children die under the state care, (direct lack of care), for the children they are supposed to be “protecting’!! Department of Children, known as Child Protection Services, CPS for short, is a government agency for a child trafficking business, a BIG money business, NOT a “protection” agency.

Our children are being abused and killed at the hands of strangers and parents are loosing their entire hope for a piece of themselves to carry on in this world after they pass. Cultures and family heritages are being demolished by those that are to "protect". Until I was forced to witness how CPS truly functions within a secret circle of deception, I never knew the depths of sorrow that could be felt, after witnessing first hand, the crimes CPS has done to so many, and continues to do the same, today.

Crimes committed by Child Protection Services and their affiliates, judges who are comfortable being passive and willing to allow both parents and children to be victimized, is the utter and complete destruction of many lives. The truth is that the government agency, CPS, which is to protect children, fails to do so. The belief that the elected officials will respond to their own constituents when the constituents plead and cry many letters out, phone calls, and walk-ins to the offices, for the help to save a child's life, is only a belief, without any truth or action upon the elected officials to note otherwise. Child Protection Services is allowed to walk about as a god. They refuse to follow any law, act carelessly with the well-being and well-fare of the family unity, the parent’s character, and safety of the child. Child Protection Services have no one to answer to, they investigate themselves, their freedom to use falsification and deception in the judicial courts, is their greatest power, second, to the strongest force of using fear, forcing them into Government programs for profut, making  parents sign papers and whatever other manipulation tactics they use. Parents are threatened that they will never see their children again if they refuse to sign the CPS paperwork. CASA and Guardian et Lit-em, and all other CPS affiliates will do the same. CPS is a breed of government that would make Hitler rise from his grave and smile.

Sadness, great sadness, is all that can be said, when one awakens to the facts that surround the numbers of children removed from their homes, alienation from their parents, and siblings scattered into different foster homes. Families are devastated by mere hearsay and biased subjective emotions of a social worker or case manager, and a judges’ disregard for the oath taken. The Constitution is disregarded.

The truth is that many parents, who love and care for their children, are defamed without the ability to protect themselves or their children from the perjury and falsification of court documents done by the state workers. Children who are abused by foster parents are afraid to speak up, for fear of not being listened to. The truth is that CPS, Juvenile judges, do not honor the taken oath, "For liberty and justice for all”, as hearsay, mere hearsay, is judged upon. No truth, no evidence, no facts, and no objective black and white clinical evidence, just hearsay.

The truth is that many children are in foster care due to the lack of the government agency, Child Protection Services, to assess, identify if an allegation has any validity, promote family relationships, intervene with careful planning to maintain family well-being, ability to evaluate all situations, and most importantly, CPS workers, fail to report factual truth. CPS workers function on hearsay, lies, deceptions, falsification of court records, and are willing to ignore the harm a child is in by the person CPS places the child into their care. CPS workers have no concern or fear to be held accountable or responsible for the accuracy of their actions. If anyone thinks this agency has oversight to protect the citizens, that person is very wrong.

This agency’s actions and functions are Criminality and extremely UN-Constitutional!! Not to mention, CPS is allowed to violate the Human Rights, as so does all government agencies, who ignore the crimes, perjury, and falsificaiton of court documents written by CPS. No one has 'Jurisdiction" of CPS.   Never held accountable or responsible for their failures and deliberate actions to terrorized families.


Tuesday, May 12, 2009


We can stop the trafficking of children in the United States.
YES WE CAN!!!!!!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Help get JUSTICE for Families Destroyed by CPS

Over 3,000 times a day CPS takes a child. Some are abused, but many are being kidnapped from school.  Social Workers who don't have any evidence of abuse will often do this so they can avoid obtaining Police warrants.  Jenny was almost 17 years old when she was taken. She was not abused. My daughter was "kid-Jacked". Jenny did not go willingly, in fact she ran away twice from foster care and even tried to get emancipated. She came home but was hunted down like prey, treated like an animal, and thrown back into foster care where she was held against her will. She was then placed with chaperones to make sure she didn't get away.  Jenny became one of many other children "hostages".  She was flown out of state after she started cutting on herself due to  being subjected to severe alienation, coercion, "mind control", and threats by Social workers in San Luis Obispo. She was forced to work at a daycare center so CPS could obtain more Federal Funds.  Jenny will be FREE in September 2009 when she turns 18.. 


Here are pictures of our life "before" & "after" CPS:

~ Mom

Sean Penn Narrates 'Witch Hunt' A New Documentary

I recommend downloading this documentary from www.http://witchhuntmovie.com

I admire Sean Penn for doing the documentary "Witch Hunt" because he covered a very true but often controversial subject about false allegations of child abuse.

This sad but true story is being echoed all across America as victims silently suffer. Those who speak out are being "gagged" by the corrupt Courts who threaten them with jail. These injustices are still occurring within the corrupt Judicial system.

Child Protection agencies, Child advocates, Judges, Doctors, lawyers, therapists, Psychiatrists, County workers and other contracted vendors are involved in the drugging and trafficking of children.

The laws that were put into place to protect children are now protecting the guilty who are being granted "immunity" from prosecution. Many of the the children who were taken from good loving homes are now being being drugged, used in clinical experiments, or sold through adoption agencies. Some are abused in foster care and other die.

This film sheds a whole new light on what goes on within the "Secret Courts" of Child "Protective" Services.


State to State COURT REFORM:  http://law.scu.edu/ncip/project-links.cfm
Link to the download movie http://witchhuntmovie.com

Kathleen Dearinger
Families Unite 4 Children's Rights Foundation