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Saturday, May 16, 2009


Parents Will Unite in Washington DC to Fight for Their Children, STOP CPS! http://bit.ly/70QrR

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Holly'smom said...

I hate to say this but our children have become big buisness for the government. Think about this for a moment... If the people on capitol hill would sigh a stimulous bill with out reading all the particulars it seems to me they feel they are invincible and don't have to listen to us. I would love to attend the meeting. They say waterboarding a terrorist is torture what do they think stealing peoples children with false aligations is? A walk the park! Please I hope you all attend the next tea party with signs about CPS and the wasteted tax dollars spent on them. it appears people do care about money.I love children and have been battleling this out of control system for two years it's ludicrous and heart breaking. Now children in Florida are killing themselves where are those bleeding heart liberals taking a kick back from the money these people make. I guess you could say i'm peeved!

Andrew said...

Really amazing..keep going...

Thank you..
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