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Monday, September 1, 2008


CPS wants to throw me in jail. They want me to keep the KIDNAPPING of my daughter a "secret". I've been good and have kept quiet about THEIR crimes. But now that they've tricked me and went back on their promise I have no obligation to them anymore. People deserve to know the truth of why my daughter Jenny was taken and who is profiting. My daughter also deserves to know the truth of why no one would help us


Non profit is "italicized"

Karen Arrona – Social worker who took Jenny. Husband on Community Counseling”

Lisa Figg – lives on my same street. She’s on “Family Care network”

Leland Collins – Director of CPS “Children’s Health initiative”

Julian Crocker – School Superintendant “Children’s Health initiative”

KH Achadian-Board of Directors “Children’s Health initiative”

Teresa Tardiff – CASA. Never met my child. “CASA”

Also on most of these “non profits” are “Attorney’s”, “Doctors”, and “Therapists”.

From reviewing these tax returns it is noted that the income is steadily increasing. Taxable income is not being reported. It also looks like they are using non profits to pay for travel expenses and other indulgences.

Lee Collins has lied on his 700 form for the past 7 years. He is flipping real estate. I suspect Collins is obtaining properties from families who’s children have been taken by his agency. He has various partners, including his wife Yolanda. They are “assigning” rental income to other people. A CPS worker took pictures of my house. County counsel will place liens on my business because of the unlawful gag order.

A Coincidence?

Corrupt Therapists-Same Building as Congressman

Corrupt Attorney’s-across the street from Assemblyman

Assemblyman put in charge of Atascadero State Hospital

Governor-put Assemblyman in charge of Atascadero State Hospital

Doctor with false mental reports-works at Atascadero State Hospital (slipped into my criminal case)

Other facts:

• Social workers illegal removal & cover up. fabricated documents, omitted evidence, slander, false mental reports. Violation of State & Federal Laws, HIPA violations, Collusion with Doctors, lawyers, therapists, and others. CPS workers all stick together.

• False arrests & collusion with police to stop my activism. Police Chief is friends with Politicians. Aware of my Legislative Proposals & trips to Washington DC. Is concerned but won't meet with me. I am framed with a false DUI so I can't leave California. They take my license.

• Sensitive documents disappear from home. No action taken by Police. Nothing else but CPS investigation & criminal defense documents were stolen. Report faxed. Theft not investigated

• Senator’s office made a false report to CHP after I dropped off “evidence” of corruption. This is IMMEDIATELY after I request a referral to the “Joint Legislative Audit Committee”. CHP gives information that leads back to CPS

• Visit from CHP and Dignitary Protection who was accompanied by Governors staff. Neither one helps my daughter

• The assemblyman's office called CPS to help keep Jenny in the system. This is after I drop off proof of corruption and state that was "no warrant" or reason to remove my daughter. Jenny was then placed with chaperones 24 hours a day. The Assemblyman then sent me a letter telling me not to contact him again.

• Neither the Assemblyman, Congressman, Senator, or Governor would help me even after I dropped off proof of my innocence.

• The school drops off my daughter school records with the Police. They refuse to help Jenny and I. Even the child advocate won't meet with me. CASA never even met my child yet are on the paperwork - defrauding the federal Government

• School takes away Jenny's cell phone and it is dropped off with Police who don't book it into evidence. The Lietenant claims it is in his desk drawer and forgot even though while I keep calling. I suspect my telephone is tapped.

• Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) tells me they have a wait list yet they are seeing other children. They are listed the court documents but haven't met my daughter. I offer to "volunteer" my services and they withdraw from the case.

• Both the Senator & Assemblyman are affiliated with “Family Care network”.

• The Fair Political Act gives immunity to Money Laundering and racketeering.

• Non profits are not state audited unless they exceed 2 million dollars

• Some Politicians are associated with Children charity’s and have non-profits

• Most of the non profit income is TAX FREE

• Politicians are not giving the source of their political campaigns. Form 460 is not online

• Some County Counsel members work for Politicians who are associated with Children charities

• The fair Political Act grants IMMUNITY to Elected Officials.


CPS of San Luis Obispo and their co-conspirers



• Took my daughter illegally from school. No warrant. No voluntary placement agreement. She was "kidjacked" from school for NO REASON. My daughter who is 17 was broken hearted over breaking up with her boyfriend. CPS used this as an excuse to illegally take her.
• Broke all State and Federal Laws
• Broke WIC guidelines
• Filed removal paperwork while having me follow a case plan to obtain money
• Misleading the court. Lying
• County Counsel had the Judge appoint attorneys CPS recommended. (Guardian Ad Litum and Juvenile attornies worked in collusion with CPS)
• Arranged to have my house broken into to take files. They took evidence to cover up the illegal removal
• Alienated my daughter from me
• Sending Jenny to “Negative therapy”. Obtaining false reports
• Sending me to “therapy” for the purpose of obtaining false reports (tape recorded)
• Omitting evidence. Father’s past theft and violence, Jenny’s statements,, etc.
• Covering up Jenny’s mental state & her cutting on herself
• Arranging to have Jenny see me on the same day she saw the therapist. She was becoming mentally disturbed. Jenny was traumatized and would sit and stare during these visits. She would color like a 5 year old.
• Submitting false information, Falsifying reports, slandering me
• Coerced, threatened, bribed, and scared my daughter
• Keeping Jenny hostage against her will
• Having 24 hour chaperones watch Jenny so she didn’t try to contact me or run home
• Punishing her if she contacted me. Threatening Juvenile Hall and other punishments
• Telling Jenny lies and saying thing to damage her spirit (your mother’s crazy, etc)
• Taking her to the hospital to pump her stomach to get more “witnesses” and people to tell Jenny more lies
• Ignoring Subpeona’s to present documents and have my daughter present at the hearings. The Judge refused to allow my daughter to talk. He heard her in "judges chambers" and ignored her pleas to go home; ordering her back to foster care
• Contempt of court
• Ignoring my requests to see my daughter even when she was beginning to become disturbed and was cutting on herself. CPS hid this self destruction
• Not allowing me to video tape, tape record, or take pictures of my daughter so I could have proof of her mental state. I secretely tape recorded. CPS obtained a subpeona for the tapes which I refused to give up
• Sending Jenny out of state on an on illegal removal in the middle of the night against her will. She cried the whole way there. Forcing her to stay & lieing to the court. JENNY PLACED A CPS REFORM VIDEO ON HER OWN MYSPACE PAGE. The Judge ignored the evidence. She also showed a picture of a Noose and an empty gas can. Jenny fought hard to come home.
• Placing Jenny in school in Iowa BEFORE hearings were completed
• Not returning calls, ignoring visits, always on vacation, changing their telephone numbers. Constantly playing games.
• The Director acted sadistic and screamed at my daughter. He kept her in room with him while making me leave. It was creepy.
• The Director has sent me threatening emails. Telling me he will Redress me for Libel for telling the truth and speaking out. Contempt of court for violating a Gag Order exposing the corruption
• Threatening Jenny. Telling her “your mother’s not following the case plan” and she wouldn’t be returned unless I went to “Therapy”.
• Neither CPS or the State investigated the social workers misconduct. Complaints were ignored
• Attempting to have therapists and a psychotherapist give me a false mental disorder that is really a personality test. I tape recorded the therapy sessions to PROVE the corruption and false reports
• CPS faxed documents to doctors who then forwarded this false information to otehr doctors; ruining my medical file. CPS breaks HIIPA Laws. Civil Rights at CPS states "unfounded". This person only collects information and sides with CPS. Ignores proof and withholds information.
• Working in collusion with Therapists, doctors, lawyers, my ex husband and his parents. Coaching them on what to do.
• Forcing Jenny to see a therapist she didn’t like & who was trying to place negative thoughts in her head
• Refusing to give me my daughters medical files or name of the therapist who was treating Jenny
• Refusing to allow us to attend “joint therapy”. They had no intention of returning Jenny & wanted to work on her head. They make more money by having seperate therapy
• Arranging to have Jenny “work” at a daycare center in Iowa so they could have her watched and make money off her
• Cruel and unusual punishment towards a child. Child abuse
• Attempting to force me to pay all court costs with illegal gag order
• They will freeze my bank accounts, place liens on my property and throw me in jail. They are doing this to make money and to stop me from telling the truth.


• False arrests (child endangerment, DUI, contempt)
• Broke into my house and took my case file & other evidence including my entire defense
• Wire tapped my home line and my cell phone
• Harassed me
• Searched my home without a warrant or a reason. Went through my drawers and my files
• Ignored my calls to help my daughter when she was getting mentally disturbed and cutting on herself
• Sent letters to the Judges to make sure I get convicted
• Took my horse who I can’t see now. I am soooo heartbroken because I loved Ryobi


• Ignored all the Laws
• Ignored all the violations that CPS did
• Threw out all of my legal pleadings
• Refused to emancipate Jenny when she filed for emancipation (I offered to furnish her with an apartment and a job)
• Refused all Evidence. Wouldn’t let me approach the bench to show him proof
• Meetings with Social worker in chambers during our hearings
• Showing favoritism towards CPS; even authorizing their motions without a hearing while ignoring my motions
• Not upholding the US Constitution or Oath of Office
• Heard my daughter in Private chambers to keep her testimony off court record
• Being sadistic towards my daughter and taunting her.
• Ordering my daughter out of state against her will
• Ignoring my daughters pleas to let her come home
• Ignoring CPS contempt of court
• Ignoring the subpoenas I issued to CPS to have my daughter present at the hearings
• Not appointing me an attorney when I requested it. He denied my request on the contempt charge also
• Hearing cases and Issuing orders when I wasn’t even served or aware of hearings
• Continuing to hear the case without me present
• Not continuing the case when I was very sick with anemia
• Forcing me to undergo a “case plan” and a mental evaluation when I was too sick to attend (I have medical proof)
• Threatening me in court when I tried to point out the law.
• Ignoring the appeal


• Not notify me of court dates
• Helped CPS. Made recommendations to keep Jenny in the system
• Wouldn’t help Jenny. She made many calls to him pleading for help (Gerald Carrasco)
• Obstructing Justice by not allowing Jenny to testify.
• Coercing Jenny. Lying to her.
• Placing Jenny on the stand to testify under duress after she was “coached” on what to say on court record
• Ignored my calls
• Promises to help send Jenny home. Lying
• Working in collusion with CPS
• Hanging up on me. Ignoring emails or requests to see my daughter


• Most wrote letters offering condolences (how pathetic)
• Blakeslee’s office called CPS to keep Jenny in foster care
• Maldonado’s office sent the CHP after me a few times
• Blakeslee’s office sent a nasty letter telling me to not contact them for help

• Called all the Politicians who over saw child welfare & many more
• Made a list of Politicians who were concerned about children and who were not
• Interviewed candidates to see if they are going to address this issue with CPS
• Made websites, did you tube, blogs and told our side of the story. They want to throw me in jail because of telling the truth. They want to cover up what they did and I won’t let them. I love my daughter and we didn’t deserve this


The people involved are: (co-conspirers)

Leland Collins-Director (kingpin) of CPS 805-781-1836 / 805-781-1825 email: lcollins@co.slo.ca.us State Ombudsman who did nothing to help us: Karen.Grace-Kaho@dss.ca.gov her boss G.rose@dss.ca.gov Sheri V. County Counsel (attorney for CPS): countycounsel@co.slo.ca.us Social worker L.Tobin (sadistic) - ltobin@co.slo.ca.us Social Worker Amy (kidjacker) - asensenbach@co.slo.ca.us Gerald Carrasco GAL Attorney who did nothing to help Jenny: g.carrasco.law@gmail.com Crooked Judge Picquet-ruled completely in CPS favor. False contempt charges: 805-781-5936 Senator Maldonado-made false police report for requesting CPS Audit: senator.Maldonado@SENATE.CA.GOV Assemblyman Blakeslee-called CPS to keep Jenny in the system while ignoring my pleas for help assemblymember.blakeslee@assembly.ca.gov
Attorney who kept Jenny in the system: davidfisher@davidfisherlaw.com

Senator Nancy Schaffer beat down by Congress

Protect Children in DFCS Custody - By Sue Ella Deadwyler

Sue Ella Deadwyler, President of Eagle Forum of Georgia writes in her commentary on WMVV Radio on March 17, 2008.

During two terms in office, Senator Nancy Schaefer heard so many horror stories about the way the Department of Family and Children Services takes children and handles them while they're in custody, she decided it's time for a change.

On February 6 she introduced S.B. 415 to address some of the issues. Since current law requires closed hearings in cases of delinquency, deprivation or unruliness, she decided open hearings could result in more accountability. Also, though delinquent and unruly acts are easily spotted, deprivation is very subjective. So, to prevent corruption and assure accountability from all parties involved, S.B. 415 requires deprivation hearings to be open to the public. At the same time, it allows a parent or guardian to present a written request for their hearings to be closed.

Under current law, the Department of Human Resources, its employees and agents have total immunity from liability in the care and supervision of children. So, DHR can consent to the medication of children and, whether the medication helps or harms the child, DHR and its personnel will not be held responsible. That would change under S.B. 415, because it removes DHR's authority to medicate children if a parent or guardian objects and it would hold DHR and its agents responsible if the children experience seizures.

Another problem with the taking of children goes back to 1997 when Congress passed the Safe Families Act that offers financial incentives for state agencies to provide children for adoption. While that could be a good thing, it's now bordering on "legal kidnapping." Unethical officials have been charged with taking children from good homes and adopting them out, simply, for the money. For each child adopted out of state child protective systems, the state is entitled to as much as $6,000 in federal money. To counteract that, S.B. 415 prohibits any state entity from applying for financial incentives provided under the Safe Families Act.

S.B. 415 was a good bill, but it was gutted, watered down, made worthless. So rather than accept a do-nothing bill, Senator Schaefer took it off the table and it's dead.

WEBMASTER NOTE: Nancy is a woman of true integrity. She is the Mother Theresa of children and families throughout the United States. Nancy is a Saint to MILLIONS and one day the truth will prevail.