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Monday, September 1, 2008


CPS wants to throw me in jail. They want me to keep the KIDNAPPING of my daughter a "secret". I've been good and have kept quiet about THEIR crimes. But now that they've tricked me and went back on their promise I have no obligation to them anymore. People deserve to know the truth of why my daughter Jenny was taken and who is profiting. My daughter also deserves to know the truth of why no one would help us


Non profit is "italicized"

Karen Arrona – Social worker who took Jenny. Husband on Community Counseling”

Lisa Figg – lives on my same street. She’s on “Family Care network”

Leland Collins – Director of CPS “Children’s Health initiative”

Julian Crocker – School Superintendant “Children’s Health initiative”

KH Achadian-Board of Directors “Children’s Health initiative”

Teresa Tardiff – CASA. Never met my child. “CASA”

Also on most of these “non profits” are “Attorney’s”, “Doctors”, and “Therapists”.

From reviewing these tax returns it is noted that the income is steadily increasing. Taxable income is not being reported. It also looks like they are using non profits to pay for travel expenses and other indulgences.

Lee Collins has lied on his 700 form for the past 7 years. He is flipping real estate. I suspect Collins is obtaining properties from families who’s children have been taken by his agency. He has various partners, including his wife Yolanda. They are “assigning” rental income to other people. A CPS worker took pictures of my house. County counsel will place liens on my business because of the unlawful gag order.

A Coincidence?

Corrupt Therapists-Same Building as Congressman

Corrupt Attorney’s-across the street from Assemblyman

Assemblyman put in charge of Atascadero State Hospital

Governor-put Assemblyman in charge of Atascadero State Hospital

Doctor with false mental reports-works at Atascadero State Hospital (slipped into my criminal case)

Other facts:

• Social workers illegal removal & cover up. fabricated documents, omitted evidence, slander, false mental reports. Violation of State & Federal Laws, HIPA violations, Collusion with Doctors, lawyers, therapists, and others. CPS workers all stick together.

• False arrests & collusion with police to stop my activism. Police Chief is friends with Politicians. Aware of my Legislative Proposals & trips to Washington DC. Is concerned but won't meet with me. I am framed with a false DUI so I can't leave California. They take my license.

• Sensitive documents disappear from home. No action taken by Police. Nothing else but CPS investigation & criminal defense documents were stolen. Report faxed. Theft not investigated

• Senator’s office made a false report to CHP after I dropped off “evidence” of corruption. This is IMMEDIATELY after I request a referral to the “Joint Legislative Audit Committee”. CHP gives information that leads back to CPS

• Visit from CHP and Dignitary Protection who was accompanied by Governors staff. Neither one helps my daughter

• The assemblyman's office called CPS to help keep Jenny in the system. This is after I drop off proof of corruption and state that was "no warrant" or reason to remove my daughter. Jenny was then placed with chaperones 24 hours a day. The Assemblyman then sent me a letter telling me not to contact him again.

• Neither the Assemblyman, Congressman, Senator, or Governor would help me even after I dropped off proof of my innocence.

• The school drops off my daughter school records with the Police. They refuse to help Jenny and I. Even the child advocate won't meet with me. CASA never even met my child yet are on the paperwork - defrauding the federal Government

• School takes away Jenny's cell phone and it is dropped off with Police who don't book it into evidence. The Lietenant claims it is in his desk drawer and forgot even though while I keep calling. I suspect my telephone is tapped.

• Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) tells me they have a wait list yet they are seeing other children. They are listed the court documents but haven't met my daughter. I offer to "volunteer" my services and they withdraw from the case.

• Both the Senator & Assemblyman are affiliated with “Family Care network”.

• The Fair Political Act gives immunity to Money Laundering and racketeering.

• Non profits are not state audited unless they exceed 2 million dollars

• Some Politicians are associated with Children charity’s and have non-profits

• Most of the non profit income is TAX FREE

• Politicians are not giving the source of their political campaigns. Form 460 is not online

• Some County Counsel members work for Politicians who are associated with Children charities

• The fair Political Act grants IMMUNITY to Elected Officials.



Louise Uccio said...

Same BS in my case ex is afililatd (for 20 years) with catholic charities - director of catholic charities Jospeh Panepinto married to a supreme court judge- and the rest is going to make history - on the front page of the daily news one day SOON!

Headlines might just read..

Judges- hearing officers- court therapists- non profit org- abusive father and his girlfriend who also appears to be family/politically conected to husbands non for profit.. all jailed for kidnapping under color of law...

Wouldnt that be sweet if we can get someone to follow the law in these cases?

These bastards ALL OF EM IN EVERY CASE think they are untouchable..

lets just keep on exposing em..

Elam said...

The laws will get changed as more and more parents speak out. We need to EXPOSE these profiteers and the corruption. Make videos on you tube, tell the media. Heck lets do billboards. We have to change CPS to protect our future generation! Thanks for sharing and good luck!

Anonymous said...

I've known Kathleen and her daughter for many years. she is a strong woman who is honest and a great mother. Her daughter Jenny is a lovely teenager because of her Mother. When CPS took Jenny they couldn't have taken a child away from a better home. This just shows how fucked up CPS is. I hear that now Jenny is living in a trailer and is getting into drugs and alcohol. What a shame. I hope CPS is punished for what they did to Kathleen and I support her efforts completely. Bless Kathleen for speaking out and sharing her story with all of us.

comehome433 said...

keep up the good work

I am praying for you and your daughter


concerned Mom

Anonymous said...

Please please file your case in civil court.You have so many public figures involved that are protected in the Juvenile court system.Bring your allegations forward in civil court you may also be able to represent yourself because you know what is going on.I do believe in you and your daughter and I pray that you will prevail and punish those involved.

osoluckyme said...

Thank you all for your kind words! She's been forced to live in a trailer with her Dad who can hardly take care of her. She wants to get away. I miss my daughter and hope that Justice will be served.

Jenny will be 18 in 20 days and I hope she sues the State of California.