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Monday, June 8, 2009

Report CPS to UN: There's a Method to My Madness

I agree! Time to go to the United Nations. Lets hold them accountable for violating laws


Anonymous said...

CPS is out of control They make up stories on great parents and even grand parents and run a gamet that is shameful I have no idea how they can look themselves in the mirror not to mention the politions that are completely aware of this atrosity. People are naive to believe in a government that say's there doing great thing for the children of the US what a lie and a terrible one at that! I have proof everything they said in a California court room was a lie I have a recording of my daughter crying saying momie please help me get me out of here thier driving me crazy! Some how a meeting needs to be held for mothers and fathers for their children and get a petition a march started. If this was a rare occurence which it is not would be better I think are government is seeing just how far that can tear at human instinct which is to defend our children. How afraid are we of these people. When children comit suiside and they say it's because of some mind altering drugs the truth is many people are on the same ones antidepresents why are they on them stress to much on there plate maybe from being stole for no good reason and and taken away from all things familiar like faamily and those family... Where has the American value gone?

Anonymous said...

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