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Thursday, March 27, 2008

CPS corruption

WOW! Have I got a story for you. Yep. CPS. They are NOT what I thought they were. They use many disguises calling themselves CPS, CWS, CAS; but this organization is completely corrupt! It's BIG money for this adoption agency who steal kids away from their parents. My story is not that different from the many other good parents out there. It's sad to see this agency become so corrupt. Something that started off with I'm sure good intentions has gone so wrong. WHAT HAPPENED? I am in California and will be working with state officials to investigate CPS. If you were wronged and if you were a good parent - PLEASE write and share your story here.


osoluckyme said...

Welcome to my Blog everyone. I'm Kathleen. I am a Mother who is speaking out and sharing my experience with CPS. My daughter is far from being abused or neglected. CPS believed the lies my ex-husband told them. Even though I proved him wrong CPS is still holding my daughter "hostage". PLEASE HELP ME GET MY DAUGHTER BACK!! CALL CPS AT 805-781-1825 AND VOICE YOUR OPINION. I WILL BE POSTING REGULARILY ON THIS SITE SO PLEASE REVISIT OFTEN.

I hope to bring public awareness so that CPS can finally be regulated.

osoluckyme said...

Call 805-781-1801 and leave a message. Amy Sensenbach is the Social worker who took my child. Her supervisors number is 805-781-1763 PLEASE CALL BEFORE MY DAUGHTER IS MORE DAMAGED THAN SHE ALREADY IS. God Bless America

albchangindalaws said...

I am a mother of a 3 year old boy he to has been effected from the intervention of C.P.S. their actions have had a deleterious long time consequence to my sons well being, I as well have started a quest of my own to open these doors and bring to light the mass corruption in the C.P.S. system and in the Juvenile courts, but this is a fight that requires much more than you can believe anything concerning the Juvenile court system or C.P.S. the doors are closed in any direction there is no help it has become so powerful from the laws that protect every wrong doing that they make, the laws protect them from having to answer to any wrong doing,everyday the corruption grows and will continue the lies the violating of human rights, deception, and mass destruction to our future our children, is no longer important to the one's who can change the laws it is bigger then them, we the people have no voice the families the children, groups who have tried to help have all failed it is the knock they wont answer the phrase " IN THE BEST INTEREST OF THE CHILD" the meaning has been long ago forgotten, it is sickening the power these people have it is gut wrenching how they can take your child keep them and make you jump through their hoops, until the people who can help us loose their children or grandchildren or care to see it first hand with their own eyes there will be no help the doors will stay closed, but I am a fighter and I will be damned if I will let them get away with what so far they have gotten away with, but for all the innocent families or the less fortunate , the poor or the unknowelegible families that will enter the system behind me I have taken a stand to get change where change must take place, for the children, because they are the ones who wear the scar for everyone to see their mistakes, lies are my sons future.

osoluckyme said...

Where do you live? we are reforming CPS one way or other. They dont have the right to kidnap happy normal kids like mine. contact me

Anonymous said...

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