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Monday, October 13, 2008

Maldonado is a man who wears sheep's clothing


Maldonado put this website out and I couldn't help but become furious after reading it. He is a man of zero integrity. Maldonado wouldn't even meet with me after his wife said he would. This is the same man who ignored my pleas to investigate CPS for kidnapping my daughter. I dropped off proof of corruption but he made a false call to the CHP. What a weasel. Apparantly he didn't like the fact that I was exposing the corruption involving the racketeering by traficking children for profit. I was asked to leave his office right after I requested an audit into CPS. What is his involvement with youth services and foster care? What is Maldonado hiding?

I believe Abel Maldonado has some unresolved isses to deal with and we as citizens deserve better than this from a State Senator. What we are getting from this man who obviously wears sheeps clothing? NOTHING

I vote to get Abel out of the Senate and elect someone who really does care about families and children.

Kathleen Dearinger

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