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Friday, April 3, 2009

Secret US Eugenics Operation expose rituals & CPS Fraud

Article written by Harvard educated attorney on Child Protection Services. This brings it home!



Anonymous said...

Well I have read through your stuff here. All I can say is WOW!!! I found out lies in your stories. Dates are wrong. How you passed drug tests are beyound me!!! You should not have your daughter at all. I still hope that she is not with you. The goverment is not the problem you are!!! People who actually think that it is the goverment is really corrupt. you are all about REFORMING CPS!!! HAHAHAHA they are there to protect. That is all that they have done. Is to protect your daughter from you. People who have a problem with CPS are the people who do things that are wrong. Who have hurt their daughters and those who treat their families and kids like crap.

osoluckyme said...

I am going to leave this comment so people can see what CPS victims are up against. This comment proves what evil really is. I don't even know the person who wrote this and I doubt they have access to my reports yet they can blindly slander me. What is their motive? Job security? Take a look at the non profits and there's the answer.

They state my dates are wrong and this could be true...after all my documents were stolen but the facts have not changed. As far as the drug tests they were clean so this person is obviously delusional.

I wonder if Social IServices hires people like this to just harass victims.

Hey Anonymous show your face. I challenge your ass.

osoluckyme said...

If my daughter was so abused then how come she tried to get away from CPS? She still wants to come home. She wants out of America. She wants to live with me in Europe.

You obviously didn't read my daughter's text messages.

Anonymous said...

Great to know about this..but still required more information..

Thank you so much...
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