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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Hitlers Children - Brainwashing a whole generation


Hitler's Children (Seduction) (48 Minutes)

Hitler's Children (Dedication) (49 Minutes)

Hitler's Children (Education) (48 Minutes)

Hitler's Children (War) (48 Minutes)

Hitler's Children (Sacrifice) (48 Minutes)


ACORN said...

You're reconciling having your angsty teenager removed from your custody with the systematic slaughter of millions of jewish, slavic and infirm people?

How is that even conceivable in any rational or logical sense? Perhaps it is this cognitive dissonance that has necessitated the removal of your child.

You should perhaps research the "halocaust" [sic] and CPS a little more thoroughly to properly understand them without debasing either with your contrived, offensive and crazed theories.

Seek help. If not from a medical practitioner, at least a church leader or similar.

Good luck.

Anonymous said...

Nice video..

Thanks for sharing...


osoluckyme said...

America is headed towards totalitarianism and Universal Health Care will be used to do Eugenics on the families whoever CPS deems are "feeble minded", low income, physically unattractive, gypies, etc. Positive Eugenics will be used on those who have the DNA's they want to keep.

Study Darwinism, Margaret Sanger, Eugenics and the Halocaust.

Acorn needs to learn history!

osoluckyme said...

"In Nazi Germany before the World War II, full rights were granted only to people classified as "Aryans", who could trace their Aryan descent back for at least 100 years. The aim of this policy was anti-Semitic and was a cardinal feature of Adolf Hitler's conception of a Third Reich comprising only white-skinned, blue-eyed, fair-haired, or pure ‘Nordic’ peoples."

Source: http://encyclopedia.farlex.com/Aryan+Master+race

My daughter, a blue eyed blond is being indoctrinating to work for the Government. They did IQ tests on us BEFORE they took her. What does this have to do with child abuse? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! After she was taken illegally they forced her to work for Federally funded programs and she is now working with the handicapped. I know this sounds innocent but know they are doing eugenics and are trying to indoctrinate her slowly so she will work for the Government. Watch the videos these on my website entitled "Hitler's children"! http://bit.ly/bueGg

osoluckyme said...

Here's a letter I received today:

"My mother is German & her family had to prove their Aryan purity back to the 1500's. My grandfather was a high ranking Luftwaffe pilot. He died during the 2nd World War when he was sent to Russia & his plane's instruments froze over. His body was recovered & he had a full gun salute at his funeral which was pretty much unheard of in 1943. There were a lot of things going on in Germany at the time. A lot of the Germans were fighting for their lives against a corrupt system at the time. Unfortunately with the was everything got out of hand.
Discussing "Ayran" Children. Hitler liked to take blue eyed blond children so they could be germanized"


Secret Nazi 'baby farm' children meet: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-414385/Secret-Nazi-baby-farm-children-meet.html

Revealed: Nazi scheme to kidnap 'Ayran' children from occupied countries: http://lancasteruaf.blogspot.com/2007/10/revealed-nazi-scheme-to-kidnap-ayran.html

Anonymous said...

Seek help. If not from a medical practitioner, at least a church leader or similar.

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