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Thursday, December 17, 2009

UPDATE: Jenny's finally back home!

I'd like to extend a heartfelt thanks to the many people who have followed our case and to those who have recently emailed me asking for an update on my daughter who was illegally kidnapped by CPS in San Luis Obispo CA . Jenny is finally back home -- where she belongs. Thank you all for your encouragement and strong support. It was a long two years exposing the CPS child snatchers! I would never have imagined that my journey to justice would lead me half way across the world and to the US President!

Jen is still healing from her two year ordeal. I'm just glad that she is finally back home safely. She is considering suing the State of California now that she is 18. We have a Civil Rights Attorney who is interested in taking on her case. He has been quite succcessful in several other CPS lawsuits, and if Jenny does decide to sue I will be right behind her! I hope that my daughter will become an inspiration to the many other foster children who were illegally abducted each year for Federal Funds. May they never lose hope! Jenny knows how hard I fought for her and she's proud of me. (WOOT!)

As far as San Luis Obispo CPS and the Atascadero Police - they are still corrupt as hell and are still snatching kids and covering up their Fraud. I spoke to Schwarzenegger's Special Agent Officer Day and relayed the latest news and the fact that SLO still refuses to prosecute the people who embezzled from me while I fought for my daughter's return. We have lost our home and almost everything we had because of their greed. I suggested to Day cutting off their Federal Grants (CPS Block Grants and The Atascadero PD's COPS Grants), so we'll see if Arnie takes the hint and investigates. He recently appointed Maldonado as Lt. Governor, so I won't hold my breath. Looks like some Government bureaucrat took down my Families Unite 4 Children's Rights Website. Do the 'commies' really think they can silence both of us? HA! oh Puleassse! They can't hide behind their child trafficking operation much longer because people are starting to wake up, especially now with Obama's Socialized medicine and Euthanasia program.

I don't care how many false DUI's they give me, or how many you tube video's they falsly 'flag' as being 'inappropriate', or how many Gag Orders they place on me in attempts to silence the truth. The truth is CPS and other Government officials are covering up a HUGE child trafficking operation in America. They use intimidation, threats, and slander to silence the parents who are often harassed or thrown in jail on false charges. They violate human rights and destroy families while profitting; using children charities to money launder illegally obtained Federal Funds. Most of this is being done under the disguise of 'protecting' abused children; cases being heard in "secret courts" with fabricated evidence and without jury trials so the general public is completely unaware. CPS uses the media to spread propaganda so they can further their Socialist agenda and expand Social Services -- all at tax payers expense. These familes who are fighting for the truth are denied all constitutional rights. A person with a traffic ticket has more rights than a parent who is involved in a CPS case. A murderer has more rights than a CPS victim. CPS is America's dirty little secret. It's whats keeping the corrupt Politicians in office while draining our Social Security. The sad part is that most of these abductions are taking place right at school under the nose of others -- while the Government attempts to ban homeschooling so they can pluck a child at their whim so they can meet their yearly "Quota". Children provide "jobs" and it is estimated that each child CPS abducts supports 25 social workers. Many of the children who are being taken are not even abused or neglected. Over 1/2 of the children are being placed in foster care instead of with family members, many are being sold through an adoption agencies or over the internet. Others are being placed in mental institutions, are science projects and being drugged for profit. That, my friends, is the reality - the truth about CPS, who is a Government 'Eugenics' agency.

During these past two years while fighting to get my daughter back I spent every waking moment investigating CPS. I researched laws, evaluated other cases, contacted Government officials and various agencies. I called the media and spoke to many other parents who all shared similar stories with me. I have pages upon pages of contacts I made during this time but each call to Congress was a dead end. There was literally no where to turn for all of Congress turned a blind eye. My calls were ignored and my emails were blocked. The media refused to expose CPS because they were threatened, but I did manage to get in contact with the Chief Of Staff for a Senator I won't mention on this page. He confirmed that the corruption had spread to the Legislative level. He was very nervous after telling me; worried that his phone was tapped (like mine). He then cut off communication. He was literally that scared - he even hinted that he was going to resign. He wasn't the first person in Congress to confirm the corruption, however, and as time went by I spoke to other Senators who express their concerns. One Senator remarked that it seemed like America was creating the next "Brownshirts". I have to agree - something very wrong is going on within CPS.

I'll never know for sure why they took my daughter. Whether it was for some positive/negative eugenics project, or simply due to corruption and greed, but whatever the case may be I know that this experice has profoundly affected me in way I simply can't explain. It is an experience that will always stay with me. I think other 'victims' will probably compare it to being a Halocaust survivor. I can't deny the fact that I do see it this way. The slander, the propaganda, the way they persecute the parents and violate their rights. This is exactly what Hitler did to the Jews during World War II. Hopefully time will heal these wounds. In the meantime my healing is done by writing. Sharing our story helps other victims for know they know they are not alone.

CPS is a system that is completly out of control. They are broken. Those responsible need to be punished. They need to be held accountable for the hideous crimes they commit against families and children. The only way to make this happen is to alert the public that is is really happening so that they will get involved to help families. It is my hope that we can force Congress to take action and open up the secret courts!
May their be justice oneday for all the families and children who have suffered!
NOTE TO: Detective Fred Pflum and Police Chief Jim Mulhall - We will get justice oneday! I hope you get exposed Chief and may SLO CPS get audited. I can't wait for that day!!

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Anonymous said...

I don't know if people know, that children ARE being stollen from their parents but They are! My children and I were seperated for years on a "proton durance of evidence" which is in english if it could have happened then it did. what about innocent until proven guilty? Ask question! get answers and watch Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura.