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Saturday, April 5, 2008

Letter to State Legislator - My story

Dear State Legislator XXXXXXX (link to letter will be added soon),

I read your investigation of CPS with great interest because I myself am stuck in the democracy that destroys family's here in California. CPS is corrupt and they manipulate the entire "system" from Judges to attornies to therapists to foster parents to children to doctors. I have seen first hand each of these intricacies first hand.

I will tell this story "condensed" because I am sure you have had TONS of emails due to your investigation. GOD BLESS YOU!!

Here goes:
My daughter is (was) a normal 16 1/2 year old teenager. She is a little bit hyperactive (ADHD) but she's my pride and joy and is beautiful to me. She is my only child. I am Kathleen and I'm 44 years old. I've raised my daughter ALONE since "Jenny" was 7 months old. I had little or no child support from the Father who was in and out of our lives (mostly out). The Father always had a problem paying child support and would lie about his income and vowed never to pay the arrearages he owed. All he was ordered to pay was 275/mo for our daughter. He is very spiteful. We have had 2 custody battles. Each time I prevailed. Through the years I attempted to help the Father and even moved him onto my ranch and gave him a home. I hired him to work for my mini storage business; even moving him into my personal residence so that he would be a father to our daughter.

The thanks I get:

After the last custody battle the Father moved away (again) to Iowa. My daughter reached 16 and began to act like a teenager; normal issues and experimenting with alcohol. I never allowed alcohol in my home or allowed my daughter to run wild. I don't drink or use drugs. When my daughter began dating a boy I disapproved of she began skipping school for several months. I was very sick with anemia during this time, but I did my best to parent her during that time. One night my daughter and I were to go christmas shopping and a fight ensued. She kicked me and I had an asthma attack. I flung a rabbit cage her direction to fend her off and it apparantly hit her leg. She was out of control; calling me names and locking her bedroom door. It was the worst fight we had ever had. I lost it and I damaged her bedroom door and then left the house. My daughter called 911 and the following day the police arrested me and I had a 100,000 bail. I had to pay 10,000 for that door. A door to a house I paid for. I did not abuse my daughter. I feel bad about the fight and I even tried to call my daughter after I went shopping but the officer wouldn't let her answer the phone. The officer made a false report and contrived a story that included me running from the scene to avoid arrest, but this is completely false. After I bailed out I discoverred that CPS took my daughter. They returned her 3 days later and I thought that was the end of CPS.

A month later they took my daughter from my home for no reason and she is now in the system. The father has told CPS a bunch of lies about me because he's hoping he will gain custody of our daughter. I told the worker that I don't drink often and I don't do drugs but she told me I was lying. I was sent to Drug and alcohol and they determined I was not a drunk. I was taking pain medicine for my back and I had a prescription but I did not abuse my medicine. I have spina bifida. I am no longer taking this medicine because CPS lied to the court and made me appear to be a drug addict.

CPS has done alot of horrible things to me. They have faxed documents to doctors so they will ruin my medical file. I did not sign any medical release. The counselor had contact with the CPS worker and I did not authorize this either. The Drug and alcohol gave incorrect information to the Social worker and both my attorney's misrepresented my case before the Judge. I have tried to get a parent advocate but the only one works at my school and I am hoping she will help. It is doubtful because it sounds like she is speaking to the social workers. I basically have nowhere left to turn for help. The foster mother tells me and my daughter she is neglected.Nothing could be further from the truth and I believe she is brainwashing my daughter. My daughter has everything she could ever want and I've taken her all over the world. She had credit cards by the time she was 12 years old and is even a bit spoiled, The foster mother on the other hand sent her own children to live with their father so she supports my daughter living with her dad. She does not know our background or the fact that my ex was in our lives for 5 years before we moved to this county 2 years ago. Certainly if my daughter was neglected then both parents would be guilty. I'm sure she will tell the social worker her beliefs and the fact that she is paid over 2,000 per month to "babysit" my child would give her good cause to make this kind of a statement. I feel all of this is very damaging to my daughter who now tells me she is becoming "bullemic". Jenny is depressed because she's been held hostage for 3 months now with no end in sight. CPS is doing everything in their power to make me look bad. They are now going and interviewing people; my daughters friends, parents, etc and looking for dirt on me. I dont know anyone in this town and I haven't done anything wrong. If I discovered alcohol I reported it and called the parents. I was a responsible and concerned parent to my daughter and CPS is attempting to humiliate me and ruin my life. I have no where else to turn and I can't stay in this town after what they have done to me mentally and spiritually and my daugther wants to leave this county because she is traumatized by this experience. I am selling everything and I am walking away from our home. CPS did NOT have the right to destroy our lives. Will you please be a voice and help me because I have no where else to turn? Do you have any contacts or anyone who can help me with this situation?

These are the people who are doing this injustice to me and my daughter:

CPS MAIN NUMBER 805-781-1825 Leland Collins (president)Lindsey Buckingham (corrupt) not sure (call main #)Mark Hass (corrupt) 805-781-1801Current social worker - Louise Tobin 805-237-3181 (not sure about her but I think she's corrupt)Drug & Alcohol-Rebecca - 805-461-6038 (pretty sure she's going to twist things due to past report inaccuracies)Foster Mom (Jill) 805-461-9303 (or 466, not sure)There's alot more of this story but this is most of it. Please let me know if you would like to see documents of what they are doing. Please tell me what your role will be, if any, to reform CPS. There are MANY MANY people just like me screaming for some sort of reform. Our children are suffering at the hands of CPS. They are destroying families every single day.I know this is a money making venture for them but they need to realize what they are doing to our childen and their future. I have done nothing that I should be embarassed about. I did my best and I believe I did a good job raising my daughter. CPS had no right to take jenny. I have read the State Laws and she should not be where she is. I am low on money and on resources so please help me because my previious attorney is drafting up a document for me to release my parental rights.The prior attorney told me not to go to court on the day custody was given to the State of California.

GOD BLESS you for listening to my story and to the many others who have been victims of CPS. I would appreciate ANYTHING you could do for me. A phone call, a letter, anything. I love my daughter and I miss my best friend.

Sincerely yours,
Kathleen M. Dearinger
San Luis Obispo, CA:

websites: (pictures of me and my daughter and more information). I'm still working on my websites.

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