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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

MEDIA HAND-OUT -The beginning of the nightmare

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Anonymous said...

"...don't worry mommy, Jesus says I'm coming home ..."

The subject quote comes from Clint Cayer, a 17-year old CPS captive from California who is autistic/moderately retarded and caught up in the System."
Lord Acton's words, "Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely" bring to mind the blatant misuse of power by one of our largest and most corrupt state agencies, Child Protective Services (CPS). This conglomeration of evilness makes Cash Incentive, rather than Welfare of Child their #1 priority - especially with respect to disabled children who are said to bring in large cash bonuses.

Our never-ending nightmare began on December 20, 2006 when my daughter called and told me of her relapse (after two years of sobriety). I immediately booked a flight to California to care for my 17-year old grandson who is autistic and moderately retarded. Then, I contacted my grandson's Teacher's Aide of four years, and she agreed to care for him until I arrived the next day. In the meantime, my daughter paid her $140 for her help - but, instead of awaiting my arrival, she called CPS and my grandson was taken from his bed that night and she had custody the following day.

Then, at the initial Custody hearing on February 6, my daughter was urged by her Public Defender to admit to ALL allegations (though most were untrue or exaggerated) in exchange for my gaining temporary custody. Consequently, she gave up her Constitutional Rights - at this point, we would have agreed to anything to get him back.

Meanwhile, my beautiful grandson is going through hell. Clint has spent the last year and a half in four different homes (one more unbearable than the other) while attending three new schools. Tragically, the trauma of being taken from his home and sudden lack of Structure in his life have both proved to be debilitating, even life-threatening. Clint is a very well-mannered boy and suffers silently, even appears to be in a catatonic state at times. Additionally, his monitored phone calls to his mom seem scripted while his speech comes across as robotic, reflecting his deep depression. HE WANTS TO COME HOME and expressed this sentiment at a March 13 Regional Center meeting. The Director opened the meeting by asking him how he likes his new home, and Clint spoke up, "I don't like it - I want to go home to my mommy." His remark was ignored by all present except for his caretaker, who droned out, "Soorrry!"

Enter CPS. I was fingerprinted and interrogated in California, then questioned again in Illinois while my home was being evaluated. My home passed muster, but I was deemed "in Denial" of my daughter's alcoholism and my grandson's disabilities. Not true. I am very aware of my daughter's addiction and, in the past, have arranged for her stay at the Betty Ford Center. Additionally, she is helping herself by attending AA meetings, while mentoring women like herself (helping them stay sober) on a powerful on-line site, "Women for Sobriety". In turn, she has unlimited access to this vast, very valuable support system whenever needed. Now, regarding my grandson who has always been an important, wonderful part of my life. I have really enjoyed attending his school IEP's, plays and horse shows in California, when I visit four or five times a year. No, he is definitely not a stranger to his "Grammy".

Totalitarian-like Tactics Abound. Ongoing lies, fabricated stories, sickening allegations swirl and read like a bad pulp fiction narrative - an alleged gun, a black truck with tinted windows tailing a school bus - all sprinkled with a long string of profanities attributed to me. However, neither my daughter nor I are into guns, tinted windows or profanity. Next, the caretaker tried to obtain a Restraining Order against my daughter (based on the above allegations) but when it was denied by an impartial judge in a bona fide court, my daughter's social worker easily secured an Order in behalf of the caretaker from her good friend and cohort, the Juvenile Court judge.

Amazingly, many of these allegations are attributed to my grandson (mental age, seven) who is the sweetest child on earth and if any of these stories WERE true, he could never utter such obscenities. Even an occasional, "oh, damn" from his mom elicits an, "OOhh, mommy, you said a bad word - I'm tellling!" That's why the mere thought of our angel being pelted with questions about guns, profanity, and sexual abuse sickens and infuriates me. I seriously question the mental condition of the creators of these pornographic scenarios and can only describe the CPS mentality as very scary.

Looking back, when Clint was taken in 2006, both his high school teacher and psychiatrist (of four years) wrote glowing letters to the judge describing his mother's excellent parenting skills, urging that Clint be returned home since it would be in his best interest. I don't believe the letters were ever presented to the judge. Now, despite the successful completion of her required Parenting classes and ongoing drug tests, my daughter faces the Allegation Syndrome: Each time she is at the "Unmonitored Visit" stage and Clint is about to come home, another predictable allegation pops up. And, Evidence is never a requisite of Juvenile Court - Hearsay suffices - especially if it's fed to the judge by a super Senior Social Worker like my daughter's. We are beginning to believe that maybe it’s true - maybe Clint is being used as a pawn to produce revenue for a variety of greedy vultures.

Clint is suffering - the motives of his present caretakers (a middle-aged couple) are questionable. Both work full time and rely on various nannies for Clint's care. Some might suggest he is their meal ticket. The husband assumes the "mother" role - takes full charge of Clint - feeds him, bathes him, takes him to doctor appointments and plays a major role in deciding which medication and what dosage is best for him. His mother has no say. Furthermore, I find the idea of a strange male bathing my grandson and attending to his personal needs very disturbing.

Clint had so much potential. He tried so hard to please and derived much satisfaction in meeting goals that his mom and teachers set before him. In fact, before this nightmare began, he was consistently on the honor roll and won at least fifteen ribbons for his therapeutic horseback riding skills. He was even in a Costco work program for the handicapped where he received rave reviews for his work and was labeled a "leader". Now, all he asks is that he be allowed to come home and be back in school with friends that he grew up with and loves. And, knowing Clint, I'm sure he is wondering what he did wrong to have everything he loved taken from him.

Flash - another allegation surfaces - this time a "call-in". And, this time, "sexual abuse". But, since Juvenile Court has a "no evidence needed" policy ever - it's a done deal. The Juvenile Court judge will be handed a verdict and Adoption seems imminent (but not acceptable) at the next hearing on August 26(and no lawyer). Please, is there anything you can do ...
Mary Japely
847/966-4342 or 949/276-5168

osoluckyme said...

My daughter went through the catatonic state and her monitored calls also sounded scripted. CPS alienates children and they have therapists work on their head. Even the foster parents sometimes play a part. Everyone involved is making money so children are traumatized and turned against their family.

I'm sorry to hear about your story.