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Saturday, December 6, 2008

CPS pimped out my daughter at taxpayers expense

Just as I thought...It must be my "CPS corrupt-o sniffer" working overtime again. My detective senses told me the new "job" my daughter began over the summer working for daycare center "Tender Years" was no average job.

It seems that this job in Ankeny Iowa was procured just in time so it would distract my daughter from attending her own hearing in California. I became concerned when Jenny told me she was forced to work at Tender Years. She said she had to stay there until her Dad returned home from work; sometimes working for 12 hours. In court the Social worker claimed that Jenny found this job.... but I was already a step ahead. I seriously doubted that my daughter would be able to locate a job without a telephone or arrange funding to be paid to a daycare center that is licensed by Social Services... so I had called the daycare center myself. I spoke to the Owner. She confirmed my suspicions and stated she was recieving money from the state for my daughter working there. BINGO. CPS commits perjury AGAIN!!

The question remains - which state paid this daycare center and under what program were they paid? Was it CALWORKS or did CPS work out an arrangement with CPS in Iowa? My daughter wasn't a legal resident of Iowa and nor did my ex-husband have legal custody. Jenny was on a "visit" so how was CPS able to pull this one off??

Looks like CPS defrauds our Government and uses taxpayer money to do it. County counsel was a bit worried when I mentioned it so they forced Jenny to lie on the stand. I wonder what they have to hide????? Maybe we should call Social Services and both State licensing boards.

Here's the daycare center:


Anonymous said...

Supeona the cancelled state checks from both states and her employer and her employer's bank. Also ask for discovery sanctions (I suggest dismissal of petition with prejudice and all attorney's and other legal fees paid by SL CPS) against SL CPS and CA DSS for not providing the checks.

Anonymous said...

Oh great idea. It's too late. My daughter will be 18 next month but it's the point. They are using children to funnel taxpayer money into Federally Funded programs. Now they have my daughter in another government program...but for what reason? We didn't qualify for these services, nor did we ask for them. This looks the US attempting to create a whole new generation of brainwashed children who will be indoctrinated into working for the Government. Do taxpayers realize they are funding the next "brown shirts"?

Anonymous said...

Now they have her working with handicapped kids and are pushing her to become a special education teacher. This is not what my daughter wanted. She wanted to go to law school. CPS and the US Gov will do anything to make a buck off foster kids. SICK!