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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Grand Jury in SLO refuses to hear testimony - Father's Rights Activist suspected in tampering with case

Well here's the sad facts: The Grand Jury in San Luis Obispo has now refused to hear our testimony !!! CPS gets off from committing fraud - AGAIN.

We originally had a hearing scheduled for Oct 20, 2008. They agreed to let me testify by telephone since I do not want to return to California due to Police harassment. The Jury admonished me to secrecy, which I fully complied with. During my conversation with a Grand Juror I was asked to put them in touch with a certain person who is covering CPS cases throughout the US. I won't mention this persons name encase the Jury decides to change their mind, however, the confident is a father's rights activist who is not personally involved with my case.

Almost immediately after having contact with this individual the Grand Jury called back stating they needed additional time. My contact told me they were gathering evidence on other cases to determine whether a full investigation was warranted. I was told to gather other cases similiar to my own which involved the same individuals so this information could be presented. I contacted other families and obtained their statements and sent a link to my website which had tape recordings and text messages my daughter had sent me. Included was her message to the Grand Jury. This contact did not accept the link which invited them to my online account that held the evidence. This information was supposed to be given to the Grand Jury because I did not want my location to be disclosed until my case was resolved for fear of retalliation.

Suddenly now the Grand Jury tells me they are not going to hear my case. They told me not call back ..........so how is that for justice????


When I confronted this contact the phone suddenly went dead ......

Could it be that a Father's Right Activist actually destroyed my daughter's testimony and chances of returning home ???

It seems that once again CPS escapes justice. I'm beginning to think there isn't anyone who cares about children in this "Child Protection Racket". All of the evidence has been ignored and the Grand Jury has yet to review the evidence, tapes and text messages my daughter wrote to me.
I wonder just who is profitting off my child. One has to wonder just how deep this corruption runs.....

My daughter calls The Grand Jury "DARTH VADER". She tells me no one cares.

Stay tuned because this Mother ain't givin up that easy...........


Next door (Santa Barbara) is being investigated

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