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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Central Coast Today Blocks My Account - Cover up?

WOW! Central coast today actually banned me from their website!! Could this be a cover up?

Although I joined this site over a year ago I only recently decided to reveal my name and post my first discussion. It was entitled "Government Run Kidnapping Ring". It was meant to be educational and I had hopes that I could implore upon the humanity of San Luis Obispo County residents to help the families who have been ripped apart over false allegations. Right off the bat this group was very clicky. The lady who was soliciting donations for the school slandered & spewed antisemtism towards me which spread to the other members. They were saying things like "she's a conspiracy theorist" and told me to see a shrink. I was trying to make friends with them and was very polite. I tried to contribute to their conversations, but no matter what I said they found a way to shut me out and slander me. They threatened to report me to twitter and they traced my IP address. Then they cut me out of their chats and shut down my site. I have never met any of these people before in my life. I didn't know many people in Atascadero CA because I worked from home and was fairly new to the area.
Here's their website:

Now here's their diagnosis:

San Luis Obispo Co. Residents are suffering from extreme guilt and disassociation syndrome.

People like them are prone to cognitive dissonance --in order to dissipate their own sense of guilt and Complacency they will often times attempt to belittle, demean, dehumanize, & demonize the victims of the corrupt systems in which they partake.  In order words I was getting to them!

To see part of the conversation from this website please visit:

What's not shown is what occurred in the "chat room" and how they were insulting me. Two individuals wanted to keep me quiet so they claimed I was being abusive and issued me this Violation Notice: 
http://www.scribd.com/doc/18338567/Central-Coast-Website-False-Violation-Notice, telling me they took care of the last person 6 months ago. Then they sent me my IP address as a warning. Pretty creepy!

Oh the corruption runs deepeth in San Luis Obispo County!! 

What's interesting to note is that the people who attacked me were those who were receiving donations for children & those who were once in the system.  Another interesting point to mention is I saw a horse on this website that looks exactly like my horse Ryobi.  I wrote the owner but he didn't answer my questions.  I may never know the truth.  I miss him terriably.  There has to be justice for all of the families who have been victimized by Child Protection Services. I am somewhat hurt that they banned me, especially since I never had the chance to tell our story.  All this does is  prove that people in San Luis Obispo don't care about children and this corruption runs deep. What happened in this town was something out of a horror film. It reminds me of what happened in this Bakersfield town: 
Sean Penn recently made a documentary called Witch Hunt: http://www.witchhuntmovie.com/

We will triumph over adversity and Preservance in the face of overwhealming odds! YES WE CAN !! I sure am glad to be out of that A-Hole town! 

Kathleen Dearinger
Families Unite 4 Children's Rights Foundation


First copy of insults
I'll keep you updated on future conversations under comments. 


Anonymous said...

Why they blocked your account??

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Anonymous said...

Because this is a sticky subject. Many people are profiting off children so they want to keep it quiet. Shhhhhhhhh

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Because they are close minded....