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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Like Mother like Daughter.......

CPS came into our lives because of a door that I slightly damaged because Jenny wouldn't open it so I could take her Christmas shopping. Instead she wanted to sneak out to see the Juvenile deliquent I forbid her to see. (see our story posted on this site).Today I see she has posted this to her Facebook profile:

" ugh! put a hole in the wall...so grounded..stupid wall for being so flimsy"

My response:

"Jen....How many times do I have to tell ya? The door....you shoulda hit the "door"! lol. Hey I hope you don't mind but I dedicated our work of "art" to the County of San Luis Obispo. WOOT!"

Does anyone have their "Door" or "wall" story they'd like to share?


Mob Man said...

Sell it on Ebay!

Anonymous said...

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osoluckyme said...

Oh Mob...what a great idea! They are such a nasty bunch of clicky ignorant lefties. They locked me out again yesterday. It's ok for them to talk about UFO's, chemtrails and Government deceit -- but nooooo not children. That subject is taboo in SLO. They want to keep it quiet!

They are like Aliens spreading Chemtrails on the truth!

misty said...

SO how did all of you out there go about exposing them??we have the same thing happening here in Redding ca...any help would be greatly appreciated...