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Sunday, August 10, 2008

STATEMENT-JENNY...17 in 1 Mo & CPS violates her Rights. CPS traumatize Jenny who is now cutting on herself because she wants to come home!


Poor Jenny. CPS has done everything to brainwash her against me. They've threatened her with Juvenile Hall, put her in "negative therapy", coerced her with "In & Out Burgers"....in attempts to stop her from contacting me. They even took her to the hospital to try to "pump her stomache". CPS tells children up lies, they try to turn children against their parents (facism)by alienating them, they manipulate children and and try to give them false memories. This is CHILD ABUSE!!!

What's wrong with CPS???? My daughter was never abused. The ONLY person who has EVER abused my daughter is CPS! My daughter is now cutting on herself because she wants to come home. She has NEVER cut on herself before CPS entered her life. She started doing this after they told her they were going to take her away from me.

They had no right to kidnap Jenny from school. There was no warrant and no placement agreement. CPS falsified the documents and traumatized my daughter.....all for MONEY!!
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osoluckyme said...

Jenny started cutting AFTER the Social worker kept coming to her school; upsetting her. She told her she was going to take her away. Jenny was so upset that she locked herself in the room. Amy told her not to tell me. I didn't know what was wrong with my daughter so I bought some parenting books. Jenny was upset over an ex-boyfriend at the time so she was very depressed. Amy used this to her full advantage & blamed me. She was the real cause for my daughter cutting herself. JENNY WAS NEVER A CUTTER UNTIL CPS CAME INTO OUR LIVES!!!!!!!!!!!