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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Senator Nancy Schaffer on CPS Corruption & Links

Senator Nancy Schaffer on CPS Corruption: http://fightcps.com/pdf/TheCorruptBusinessOfChildProtectiveServices.pdf

CPS Corruption


Anonymous said...

California Stole my Nephew.
June 12, 2008
For the better part of a year I have tired to gain custody of my great nephew, Bruce. I thought that I had won when a court order was issued giving me, the biological Aunt, the right to take him back to Idaho. The foster Family Ken and Margret Jones filed a grievance with Department of Social Service to stop his movement. According to Malaika Mukuyoma (California Case worker), she had no idea what to do or how to proceed. Instead of following through with the court order issued December 13,2007 by Commissioner McCarthy , Malaika chose to ignore it and see what the office of DCS decided to do. .
Since when did foster parents gain more rights than birth families, and since when did DCS have right to play with families hearts and souls as if they have no cares in the world. Since when did DCS become a place for childless couples to gain free adoption of our children that have a loving biological family willing able and ready to raise them.
This week a judge in Santa Clara County gave perfect strangers custody of an infant when there were blood relatives, approved by both states, that were willing to take him in and provide him with an extended, and happy family of people to whom he was related. The State of California has stolen a member of my family; going against the wishes of his parents. Please help me bring him home, I don’t know where else to turn. The legal system has failed me, and I have spent my savings fighting for him.
Loving Caring Devoted Great Aunt Mona

Anonymous said...

CPS is out of control, especially in California. We need to turn them in for fraud and for trafficking children.

Anonymous said...

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