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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Article about CPS of San Luis Obispo-Social Disservices


Here are some excerpts from this article that refers Director Lee Collins of San Luis Obispo Child "Protection" Services:

"Manipulated reports. Destroyed or discarded case information. Vindictive action against parents. Poor investigations. Even poorer background searches into licensed caregivers. The villainously creative practice of backdating documents."

"the preexisting friendship between Edge and Collins indicates that the appointment proved somewhat of a hookup."

"critics maintain that certain systemic barriers prevent the true enforcement of any real accountability within the department."

"the threats and blatantly vindictive decision-making finally trickled out." "the department holds lordship over its own documents."

"While conducting its own internal investigation with all mechanisms fully at the department's discretion Social Services has 90 days, by law, to review a case. This gives them plenty of time to cook up stories,"

"I know how they work. I've seen them do it."

"Certain social workers continue to twist documentation right under his nose, and the supervision system at Social Services often rewards such behavior".

"a "blacklist" system that prevents concerned employees from making positive changes. "fear and intimidation prove typical forms of influence or motivation within Social Services."

"Favoritism runs throughout the department, and if you dare speak up against a wrong and it sparks a nerve in the wrong person you are marked to be gotten ridden of"

"A source inside the San Luis Obispo County Employee's Association reported an extremely disproportionate number of grievances filed against Social Services".

"Most of the workers at Social Services are completely disillusioned by Collins' actions," said one department employee.

The Article goes on to state: 
Collins explained that the proper removal or demotion of several popular but grossly underperforming caseworkers prompted questioning and contempt among certain staff circles. "I wish I could send a memo to everyone, but I can't. Meanwhile, the guy who got fired got to tell his side of it, and the mythology starts to take off," Collins said. "The concept that I'm stifling dissent is laughable," he continued.  Mr. Collins is a cocky wordsmith. There are many complaints against his agency by former Social Workers who are fired if they don't perform.

Following the 2003 grand jury report, Social Services installed a stewardship program to mitigate potential employee grievances. However, no such mechanism yet exists to curb the foul play reported by the subsequent grand jury. In that regard, several recent case files reviewed by New Times cast doubt on the total reversal of a few dubious CWS practices. These cases rehash many of the problems illuminated by the 17 stories reviewed by the grand jury. Every family contacted declined to share specifics. Several cited potential CWS retribution as a motive to remain off the record.


A copy of this article can be found at: http://metafocus.net/~freeed/wikka.php?wakka=SocialDisservices


osoluckyme said...

I can attest to the fact that Mr. Collins is 100% bonefide TYRANT. This man is ruthless. He will not let my daughter come home because he wants M-O-N-E-Y! He doesn't care about kids. For some reason he wants me to attend "therapy". I don't trust CPS after dealing with their slimy ways. There is NOTHING ethical about them. They are sneaky, they lie, bribe manipulate, blackmail, coerce, trick, and they are deceitful. They alienate children to keep them in the system. This agency in San Luis Obispo is absolutely discusting. they are pathetic!

Any CPS agency that would do what they have done to my daughter should be shut down. I am now a firm supporter of CPS reform and I will NEVER call CPS again if I saw an abused child. Not until this agency gets it together.

whiteaglesoaring said...

I've had many people report to me that CPS in California has abused due process, lied, and misrepresented parents and even grandparents in the process of stealing their children. An independent investigation into the potential criminality of CPS should be undertaken immediately.

Stealing children from good parents by corporate government has advanced child sexual abuse, child pornography and child prostitution to insufferable levels since the Franklin S and L case in the late 80's and early 90's. Collusion with pedophiles, satanic cults, and child traffickers has been associated with criminal networks which have infiltrated county, state and federal bureaucracies.

Children have become less safe and secure because of the interference of government in families who have not been legitimately identified as dysfunctional.

When bureaucrats take the law into their own hands by willfully violating established policies and rules, government becomes criminal. Such acts led our forefathers to declare independence from the corrupt government that claimed their allegiance and compliance. This government must return to serving the people instead of fostering rule by force and deceit.

osoluckyme said...

more social services ex workers are coming forward. I'm getting some juicy gossip first hand. Some of it is too X-rated to post. It would embarrass some people if they saw it on here. I'll wait to submit this information in court.............

osoluckyme said...
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