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Thursday, March 5, 2009

con·spir·a·cy (kən-spîr'ə-sē)

"The very people who were  supposed to "Serve and Protect" failed my daughter  because of the Federal Grants and pure evil greed." - Kathleen Dearingeer


I used to avoid the "C" word because people don't like to hear it. When you say "conspiracy" they look at you like you're nuts. How can everyone be conspiring against one person...little old me? Well, the answer is real simple.  They do this to EVERYONE. Nothing personal but they make alot of money off kidnapping kids. I won't discuss how much the CPS human traffickers are bringing in just yet, but lets just say it's a tremendous amount of money. Enough to where they have to keep taking more and more children to feed the growing crowd of greedy people. Of course there are other "incentives" and slush funds that aren't being accounted for as well as real estate investments, which could be part of the reason why they are real sensitive at the mention of the word AUDIT.  

Case in Point:

It's interesting to note that everyone who played a part in removing my daughter benefitted financially. Everyone had  non profit accounts and no one seems to get audited. I called the auditor Gene Siddach and he blew me off.  I even called Sally Flanders who administers the Federal funds in Ca. to alert her to the fact that they were committing fraud. She didn't care. Neither did any of the Ca. Senators. In fact I was told by the Legislative audit committee "will not be an audit". Hmmmm. How strange... Ok, so what does this mean?  Who's behind it? Why do  Diane Feinstein, Barbara Boxer, Arnold Schwartzenegger and many others continue to ignore the fraud that's occuring throughout California?  Well, lets look at some of the players:

Partial list: The Players

CWS/CPS, Police, Doctors, Lawyers, Therapists, Judges, Mental Health, CASA, Board of Supervisors, County Counsel, Contracted vendors, etc. Basically all of the people who are paid by the County. This seems to be the case throughout California and many other states. 

Lets take a  closer look:  

CPS is a Government kidnapping agency.  The Federal Government is Buying the kids and CPS is selling them and everyone makes money. This is why they all work in collusion together. They have to back each other up encase they get sued because if they don't they will lose the money train.

The Social worker has to "perform" otherwise  she gets demoted or fired. They have  yearly projections and quotas to meet, and if CPS doesn't meet their target, or is short on  children they must issue a refund back to the Federal Government for monies they revieved from the previous year.  They are required to "increase" the numberw of children in the system each year. Is this due to population or do we have more drug addicts? With all of the Federal Programs we have I would think that half the nation has been in rebab and parenting classes. There's more "bennies", but back to following the money....

Follow the Money:

The Board of supervisors doesn't care because CPS brings in money to the County. They are also  on the Police Department's  non profit account. I believe they also get a retirement fund or some kind of kickback.  I've seen their memos which state "Increase Child welfare income".  The schools receive federal funding, while Doctors and therapists receive steady income, some receive kickbacks from the Pharmacuitical companies, others double bill and commit Medicaid fraud. It's common for them to rack up a bunch of bogus charges, and they return the favor to CPS by writing up false reports because they make a killing off foster kids.  Some Judges sit at the head of adoption agencies and receive kickbacks from detention centers so ther more kids in the system the more money.

The GAL and CASA are guaranteed steady income, sometimes until the child turns 18. In some cases they don't even see the child, like in my case. They just had their name on the paperwork and claimed they had a "waitlist" even though I they were seeing other children (risk management). The GAL did nothing to help my daughter yet I will be billed for his  non "services". CPS loves to help you get an attorney because they help them obtain children using loopholes in the system.   Some attorney's and other opportunists make money off flipping real estate because after CPS takes the kids they take their house. Often time they have the police and DA assist with doing  the dirty work for  parents who are thrown in prison can't pay their bills.  Even the prisons make them money on the stock market and most County Employees have a nice benefit package. Take a look at the campaign contributions to Obama....wheew....they like those Government programs! Big Pharma Daddy also makes large campaign contributions and Politicians look the other way instead of assisting their constituants. Since  most of the children in foster care are drugged, some as young as toddlers, no wonder they grow up to be drug addicts. 


70% of our prison population are former foster kids and most are in there for drugs. Many are sent to Mental Institutions where many are being overmedicated. Some children are on as much as 6-17 different medications, even the toddlers are starting young. This is why all of the children are sent to "Therapy" or to "psychriasts".  I think some  Judges get a kickback off Mental health because my Judge kept throwing my daughter back in negative "therapy" whenever she begged to go home. The director of CPS is on several of the children mental health non profits. Ya get the picture?  


Yea folks this is really where  your hard earned money is going.  Into the pockets of kiddie nappers who are profiteering using  non profit organizations and expanding their empire all under the guise of helping abused children that they kidnap in about 70% of the cases. They receive tax free money from YOUR  tax dollars! The more children they have in the system the more money they make. That's why they all stick together like flies on honey. They back each other up with  manufactured "evidence" that guarantees their salary and everybody makes makes money. Cha-ching-cha-ching-cha-ching. 

So the next time I say the "C" word - look up the meaning of what this word means. I checked a few dicionaries and they state  basically the same thing. 

con·spir·a·cy   (kən-spîr'ə-sē) 

An agreement to perform together an illegal, wrongful, or subversive act. 
A group of conspirators. 
Law. An agreement between two or more persons to commit a crime or accomplish a legal purpose through illegal action. 
A joining or acting together, as if by sinister design: a conspiracy of wind and tide that devastated coastal areas. 
"A conspiracy theory alleges a coordinated group is, or was, secretly working to commit illegal or wrongful actions, including attempting to hide the existence of the group and its activities. In notable cases the hypothesis contradicts what was, or is, represented by the mainstream explanation for historical or current events." 

that's them alright


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