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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Hall of Shame - False Blame - Police Lame

Obstruction of Justice with intent to profit - Organized Crime
by: Kathleen Dearinger


Shame Summarization: Social Dis-Services

I  previously documented the events of my daughter's removal on December 7, 2007 by the Atascadero Police Department.  The second removal occurred on January 25, 2008 by Social worker Amy Sensenbach  who took  my daughter from school in the morning. A false mandated report was made in the afternoon after my daughter was placed into fostercare.  There was no "imminent danger" on either occasion, and was not present for either removal.  There was never any warrant as required by law. No investigation was performed and the Wefare & Institution Codes (WIC) guidelines were not followed.  This social worker who took my daughter never even visited my home. I invited her over to investigate but she declined, telling me "it's not necessary". 

She took my daughter even after we followed her recommendations. We completed the mental evaluaton, IQ tests, therapy, and I submitted to drug & alcohol tests which were clean.  We were getting along good, Jenny was attending school and life was great. We had a lovely Christmas (2007) which was spent with some of Jenny's friends. I treated us to a fancy hotel for a weekend getaway and we rented a limosine. We drove around and saw the Chrismas lights, had a nice dinner and went out for ice cream. That was just weeks before she was taken.  There simply wasn't any justification  in what this social worker did. There should have been an investigation. I requested that she be taken off the case, but my  requests were ignored.

This social worker knew things were going well but she kept going to my daughter's school and this upset Jenny for she was embarassed and was missing class.  Jenny was already vunerable  due to the recent break up with her boyfriend, and this Social worker took advantage of her fragil state. She told her things that upset her so much to where Jenny would lock herself in her bedroom after school. I had no idea at the time what she was saying to my daughter. I found out later she was telling her I was crazy and other lies which  hurt her. This is when my daughter first cut on herself.  I noticed a small scab on her arm  the following week and asked CPS once again to remove this social worker. I then called the therapist to express my concerns about this social worker who was on a "witch hunt" from day one.  Soon afterwards the Social worker took my daughter from school claiming that  I "failed to protect"!   This small self inflicted wound which was  not much bigger than a paper cut on the top of her arm, done a week before was actually used to peform an "emergency removal". This was unlawful. 

On the morning she took my daughter we had spoke. I indicated that Jenny and I might go up north to run the business for the summer and asked if we could transfer the case. She said yes and I could request this at the upcoming hearing in a few days. She told me she was recommending that Jenny stayed with me yet she took her within 2 hours of our conversation. She called me later to let me know she had my daughter and when I questioned her she said "I lied".  

This social worker not only removed my daughter, but she also wrote the false report for the court.  Her reports are  filled with inuendos that are not only until untrue but they are complete fabrications that are malicious in nature. She worked in collusion with my ex-husband who she never even met. According to the courts file they were secretly emailing one another and she was even giving him advice. While she was guiding him she was busy slandering me; contacting people in attempts to  coerce them into writing false statements about me.  I had only met this social worker one brief time so her behavior was appalling. 

The facts were twisted, evidence was supressed and she purposely misled the court based on her submission of false findings, without any  merit or evidence to support her facts. She had abused her position of trust through deceitful actions and this should have been enough reason to reprimand her; at the very least she should have been taken off the case. Even though I filed a formal complaint with the Civil Rights department it was ignored, so she was allowed to continue discrediting me, even breaking HIIPA Laws by faxing documents to doctors so they would write lies about me in my medical file which she would use against me.  Justice was obstructed throughout this enire case which was flawed from beginning to end.  There was a conflict of interest by having  her write the the reports she fabricated and this resulted in unfair court rulings. 


ARGUMENT: REMOVAL CASE POINTS (see statement on Police abuse)

1) Neither removal was legal for Police did not issue a warrant as required by law. There was no physical abuse or any neglect, nor was there any history of me abusing my daughter. 

2) Police knew my daughter so they were aware she was not abused. At least two officers felt this removal wasn't warranted. One told me he didn't think I even committed a crime. The second officer  did not  feel my daughter should have been removed. This leads me to think that the decision was made by  Police Chief Muhul ]:> who avoids  my calls. Or it could be because of #3

3) Police officer Wyatt Casfeldt obstructed justice by not allowing me to be present while questioning my daughter on December 7, 2007.  He took her without allowing me the opportunity to explain my side. This officer was angry at my daughter from an incident that occured the month before and I feel certain he was trying to teach her a lesson. Jenny hung up on him and he threatened to "make your life a complete hell". This  officer showed up on Deceember 7th when he took Jenny to foster care while I was Christmas shopping.  He wouldn't even allow her to answer the phone when I called.  

4) The officer extracted a statement out of my daughter which cannot be used because it most likely was coerced. This officer attempted to make up a story about me running from the Police. He stated that he came to my home at 11:00pm and I wasn't home. He was accusing me of running from a  crime scene so he could make his report sound good.   He looked over at his partner to try to get her to agree and I said "what are you trying to pull"? I got home after the stores closed between 8:30-9:00pm and he's a liar.
5) The Police arrested me on Child endangerment, which was ridiculas. He did this to make the bail high for it was  excessive at$100,000. Maybe he's friends with the bailsbondman.   I was not guilty of child abuse. This was a false arrest. The charges were dropped.

6) On December  4, 2007 Governor Schwarzenegger put out a memo entitled "Kids first" which was signed by Police Chiefs, Judges, and schools. My daughter was taken 5 days later. This  program was misused by Police so they could obtain Federal Grants. These grants are known as COP or CIS (Cops in Schools).  My daughter was regularily attending school at the time of the removal so  proves this  removal was done strictly for profit. CPS and Police worked together. 

7) At least one social worker wasn't in agreement with my arrest or CPS taking my daughter. She even attempted to halt it, but was told she had to do her job. Another worker tried to help and he was reassigned or fired. The social worker couldn't even admit that my daughter was abused and the foster parent told me to take a nice "vacation" and that Jenny needed to spread her wings. Easy for her to say - she got paid to babysit my 16 1/2 year old.

8) When they returned my daughter they falsified the form stating she was in foster care. This is a lie.  My ex should have stepped up to the plate and been honest with CPS instead of allowing our daughter to languish in foster care without seeing her.  

There are MANY laws that were violated. This is just the beginning. They should have returned my daughter after I pointed out they took her illegally. This whole situation was sick. I have to write this in stages because there is so much we went through. Of course we lost our house and everything we own. For What?


"The very people who were  supposed to "Serve and Protect" failed my daughter  because of the Federal Grants and pure evil greed." - Kathleen Dearingeer

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