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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Judges on the take

Attorney Fine - S. California exposing corrupt Judges:

Judges try to get immunity from prosecution after being involved in fraud involving children. Many Judges are at the Head of Adoption Agencies, others are receiving kickbacks from Detention centers and other sources.

There is an epidemic that is going on all over the United States. Many people are working in collusion to obtain Federal funds. Doctors, Lawyers, Judges, therapists, and contracted vendors are involved. In my case CASA, the school and police also assisted in kidnapping my daughter so they could obtain Federal Funding. The Judicial system is completely broken and and it is out of control in most states. This corruption has spread to the Legislative level. Big Pharma's are making campaign contributions so our Politicians look the other way.

So friends is the real reason there are so many children in foster care today.

See the statistics at: http://www.childwelfare.gov/systemwide/statistics/


osoluckyme said...

Attorney Fine was thrown in jail with no bail for attempting to stop the corruption:
Requesting the Assistance of the US Justice Department

Attn: Hon. Eric Holder
Attn: Hon, Jerry Brown
It has been said that the attorney general is the people's attorney; well, here is a test case.
The citizens of California are asking for the assistance of the United States Justice Department
Attorney Richard Fine is being held as a political prisoner as of March 2, 2009. We are requesting that the Justice Department come into California and look into this case.

The reason for this incarceration is that the judges of Los Angeles County particularly Judge David P. Yaffe are retaliating against Attorney Fine because he has exposed judicial corruption, extra payments to the judges from the County of Los Angeles and self dealing.
Examples the Marina del Rey and Sturgeons case.

Your Immediate attention is critical to this matter. Attorney Fine must be released.

Yaffe, personally embroiled in the facts of the case, and without basis found Attorney Fine in contempt of court ( see Little vs, Kern County Superior Court, 294f.3d1075 (9th cir 2002)

In addition, this is the beginning result of SB SX-11 over tuning the Sturgeons case.

Los Angeles Superior Court
111 N. Hill Street
Los Angeles, Ca. 90012

Monday March 9, 2009
10:00 AM

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