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Monday, February 16, 2009

One of many support letters I've recieved (thank you!)

Hi Kathleen, 

Thanks for the Hi 5. I will check out the websites and see what you are doing. It is very interesting what is going on here, and from what I have read, WHY they would even believe this crap in custody battles when they should know better. I had this done to me, by men I did not want to date !!!!! Aparently, this is some kind of trick guys (and women, too) are known to play, not just in custody cases though that is common too, but when you don't want to date someone and you break up or date someone else. By law, they must investigate any complaints. WHAT they found in my case was ridiculous and silly. It turned out that I was a nurse mother with a sick child who required some of the most complex nursing care in the history of home nursing in the US, and nurse mothering. They couldn't believe it and the guy commited suicide (who did this to me) just before they arrived. It was a classic case or "must investigate" and ANYONE can be reported no matter how good thier parenting actually is. They could be a full time nurse !! But that is the law, must investigate the report. That the guy commited suicide before they even came was weird. He was a terrible bipolar case twice my age, definitely wasn't going to date that and have it around my kids, but it is that kind of unstable person mentally who will try to make such reports, and even try to have someone else who has never met you to make the report to cover who is actually making the report and what is really going on. 

In any case, another time, different guy but same deal who I broke up with started stalking me and saying he had information on the finances of the guy I was dating instead of him. He tried it and my son was in the hospital in a COMA following surgery and the hospital social worker immediately "got" what was wrong. My mothering was excellent, even an irritant to doctors over my concerns. This hospital social worker KNEW that this was the "spurned lover" nastiness. Apparently, I think they get this a lot with sick children because these kinds of reports are convenient weapons to get back at women who do not want to date men, etc. 

NOW, I'm surprised that they actually facilitated taking your daughter and giving her to your ex husband --- post custody battle because THAT is soooo obviously bullshit and it gets into legal areas where they not only should no better because of the prevalence of the misuse of these reports after people lose custody battles, but because it takes them into legal arenas where they are participating under odd circumstances legally and assisting a person who has twice lost a custody battle in basically......going around the Judge and the Court in family law. That was what he was doing and there was just cause to suspect it, rather than actually facilitate a defendant and non-custodial parent in actually going around the court to effect an outcome in his case that the judge has ruled against TWICE !!!! 

That is THEM obstructing justice of the family law Court and a Judges order because you were given custody. False drug reports involving mothers are a very common part of this and were part of both false reports in my case when I was actually the mother theresa of mothers and was inside the house nursing ALL DAY. It is classic character attack of the most cliched kind ! Get dumped by a woman who wants to date someone else and make up a bullshit story since it is her motherhood that is her greatest prize and where she has put all her dedication. The crazy guy who killed himself tried the same exact thing. This seems to be a common cliched stereotype among custody losers and spurned lovers of all levels of mental capacity, but usually those who have some history of problems with rejection by women and mental problems. I was the type of mom who actually looked down on "druggies" and was super serious and a nurse ! I actually raised both my children alone in ultra severe circumstances because the father abandoned them and actually didn't care his child was terminally ill. He wanted to spend his life being a party head and loser. So, my opinion of such people was and is the same today. But that doesn't change the idea that somehow...the CPS type scenario with custody battle losers, and with spurned guys who are crazy and stalkers.....is so common that it is an American cliche at this point. 

There is another case on YOU TUBE....of a father who has lost his custody battle who is trying to get the kids to claim on YOU TUBE that thier mother is unfit. At first, I was concerned that maybe he is right, but the more I have looked at it I am concerned that this case involves brainwashing his kids. The eldest daughter almost can't even think of what bad thing to say about her mother....except that her mom takes her dad's "tax return"....paycheck, etc. Ohhhh, sounds like dad has been in arrears of child support. Mom is supposed to get those things !!!! 

He is trying to call CPS on his ex, and CPS is blowing him off !!! So, he has put this on YOU TUBE, with his kids talking saying they want to live with him, blah blah. Someone posted, "looks like the guy just can't accept that he lost custody", and I started to think about what the kids were really saying. He is really trying to punish his ex wife for leaving him in public, breaking up thier family, blah blah, and putting it into the kids heads that mom takes all kinds of money from dad and has too many boyfriends, blah blah. SO, there is the other side of the coin here on YOU TUBE, too. Your daughter really loves you and I hope she is back with you soon, and you guys can maybe get back here to Southern California away from Obispo to another place where your daughter will be able to go to community college. Glendale has a nice one and my son will be going. He's 19. My elder child died in 2002 at the age of 14. He had severe heart defects and his heart failed. They did not want to give him a transplant because he'd had brain damage from his earlier coma. It was just so unfair to his life, an incredible beautiful child. 

I'll check out your other sites and blogs and stop in to say HI, Kathy !! 

Thanks, Kim Molien


Thank you Kim! Yes it is BS. I called my ex-husbands parents yesterday and they hung up on me. My ex and his parents conspired with CPS. He is such a Momma's boy so they will do anything to help him get out of paying the lousy $275 per month to support his kid. He is the one who moved away from her at least 4 times. I offered to buy a duplex so he could live in one side but he decided to go back to Iowa. I have supported him. I gave him a job. I lowered his child support. I did everything I could to have him be in our daughter's life....and then he does this. It ruined me. I am discusted with CPS. Kathleen ps.Do I have permission to copy your letter to my website? I want CPS to see it! I'd like to know how much money they made off kidnapping and torturing my daughter

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