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Monday, February 9, 2009


COPS in Schools (CIS)

The COPS in Schools (CIS) grant program is designed to help law enforcement agencies hire new, additional school resource officers (SROs) to engage in community policing in and around primary and secondary schools. CIS provides an incentive for law enforcement agencies to build collaborative partnerships with the school community and to use community policing efforts to combat school violence.

The COPS in Schools program provides a maximum federal contribution up of to $125,000 per officer position for approved salary and benefit costs over the 3-year grant period, with any remaining costs to be paid with local funds. Officers paid with CIS funding must be hired on or after the grant award start date. All jurisdictions that apply must also demonstrate that they have primary law enforcement authority over the school(s) identified in their application, and also demonstrate their inability to implement this project without federal assistance. Funding will begin when the new officers are hired on or after the grant award date, and will be paid over the course of the 3-year grant period.

COPS has announced 19 rounds of funding under the COPS in Schools program, including five that were a part of the Safe Schools/Healthy Students Initiative, a joint initiative between the Departments of Justice, Education, and Health and Human Services. The Safe Schools/Healthy Students grant program was developed to provide students, schools, and communities with the benefit of enhanced educational, mental health, and law enforcement services to promote a comprehensive healthy childhood development.

COPS announced the first round of the CIS program in April 1999, and the most recent in July 2005. COPS has awarded in excess of $753 million to more than 3,000 grantees to hire more than 6,500 SROs through the CIS program. COPS has provided more than $10 million to hire approximately 100 SROs through the Safe Schools/Healthy Students program.

In addition, in FY 2004 the CIS program coordinated with OJP and other DOJ components to provide funding for SROs to three agencies for 12 positions ($1.5 million in federal funding) in conjunction with OJP's Gang Reduction Project.

Note from Webmaster: This might explain why the school dropped off my daughter's school report at the police station instead of giving it to me and why they were so hostile after CPS and the Police got involved. There was no history of any problems with me and the school before. Both are on non profits. Look like their in cahoots together. Could it be for the Federal funding? Take a look at Governor Schwarzeneggar's memo entitled "kids first" where the School, Police, and Judge signed. K-a-n-g-a-r-o-o!



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