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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Thank State Controller John Chiang for withholding funds to Social Services

Thank you John for withholding money from the baby snatchers! This agency, Child "Protective" Services, a.k.a, CPS, CWS, DSS, DHSS, or whatever other name they are using is committing FRAUD! They are RACKETEERING! They kidnap thousands of innocent children each year for PROFIT and have become this nations largest Organized Crime mafia. I have seen firsthand the corruption and what they do to obtain children illegally. All they care about is PROFIT and destroying families so that they can obtain Federal Funds. Nothing they do is legal. They are a drain on our economy and they degrade our society. They are draining our financial resources and frauduently obtaining Social Security. They are a shameful discusting organization that hurts more children than they help. My daughter is living proof of their destructive ways. They are EVIL and they resemble NAZI's. There was no reason for them to have done what they did to me and my daughter and I vow to expose this agency until they are either ABOLISHED or reformed.


I have seen their sneaky ways; how they kidnap children and attempt to turn them against their parents using "negative therapy" and punishment-reward techniques used in World War II. They use drugs, alienation, lies, manipulation, deceit, cocersion, bribes and threats to keep our children hostage. They falsify documents, commit perjury and lie in Court. They withhold evidence and change court dates so parents can't attend their own hearings. They enlist attorney's to assist them with carrying out their dirty deeds to illegally obtain custody of the child. These attorney's use "loopholes" in the law to assist CPS, and by doing so they are handsomely rewarded. This agency is in cahoots with Doctors, Lawyers, Judges, Therapists, Contracted vendors and many others. Doctors who are over drugging children are receiving kickbacks from Pharmacutical companies and many children are being used as medical experiments.

Most people don't see what they are doing because they hide behind their "facade". They media exploits the abused children on TV and show abusive parents, yet rarely cover the other side of this dirty business, perhaps in fear of retaliation. It is a fact that more children die in foster care than at home but no one ever hears the truth. Many reporters ignore parents who call them to report fraud. Most of the children this agency takes are NOT abused or neglected and proof of this can be found on the statistics their own agency supplies. Only 20% of the children are abused or neglected but they mislead the public using media so they can obtain the public's sympathy to continue building their empire.

CPS slanders parents using false mental reports given to them by Therapists they employ. They even enlist the Police to harass parents and many are thrown in jail on false charges. This is a "business" to many and it provides job security. They don't really care about children. I have seen their training material and other documents which depict $$$ on every single page. They take children based on false allegations because they get paid for every child they kidnap. Most children are taken from school and without a warrant or investigation, as in my case. They destroy families without any conscious and rarely return them when allegations turn out to be false. Parents are forced into various federally funded programs whether or not they need it because this brings in more Federal Funds and these agencies lie so they too can profit. Innocent parents are being turned into criminals by "Kangaroo Courts" and District Attorney's work with CPS to ensure convictions so that parents can't fight back. Everyone is getting paid by the county and is obtaining Federal funds. Since they are all being paid by the same source there is no justice. Children's rights are being on stepped on for they have no voice. Many children over 12 are being kept off the stand so their testimonies can't be properly documented like in my case. Parents who speak out are given "gag orders" in "secret courts" by corrupt Judges who protect these atrocities and even obstruct justice. Many Judges are sitting at the head of "Adoption Agencies" and are receiving kickbacks and other incentives. Parents are unable to fight back because they are thrown in jail if they exercise their first amendment right to FREEDOM OF SPEECH. Innocent parents are being victimized while these profiteers force our children into foster home after foster home. Many babies are being taken at birth and are being sold by adoption agencies. This HUMAN TRAFFICKING has to stop! Parents and children's civil liberties have been violated long enough. Too many children have died at the hands of our State "protectors".

We are DONE!

It's time for parent speak out and tell the REAL STORY. Write to John Chaing and to our Politicians. Tell them to stop this agency from hurting our children!

Write to John Chiang and thank him: john@sco.ca.gov

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