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Sunday, February 22, 2009


My daughter emailed me a PayPal request to send her some money so she could  go shopping. When I logged into my Paypal account it wouldn't work. I tried using my Familes Unite account but it was shut down. I then signed up for Western Union but it wouldn't accept any of my credit cards. I called Western Union and was told that ALL of my bank accounts have been flagged. WHY I asked? They tols me that "NONE of my credit or debit cards would work online and that I had to go in person to do the wire."  I've been using PayPal, online bill pay and Western Union for years. I pay all my bills this way, so how could my card suddenly not work?  I used it all the time.  I even sent money to my daughter a few months ago. Why are my bank accounts flagged?


I feel that certain people in our Government is trying to have me arrested. They want me to stop blogging and speaking the truth. They want to lure me to a location so I can be thrown in jail so they can torture me into submission.  I don't have any child abuse charges against me so why are they determined to turn me into a Martyer? To hide the truth?? All I have is a "mistermeaner" from the False DUI charge and that's not a reason to shut down my cards or hunt me down like prey. The Atascadero Police Department trumped up these charges to keep me from going to the Washington DC Rally.  They obviously don't want people to know what they did to me and Jenny. They would rather take away my drivers license away and throw me in jail so they can seize my bank accounts, real estate and other assets. They've already taken our home away so why don't they leave us alone? I left with nothing but a suitcase. We lost everything we had that was in our once happy home. Our pictures,  my daughter baby books, our memories are gone. Our horse "Ryobi", our dog "Scottie", Jenny's bunny "Hossenfeffer" is all gone because of CPS and their co-conspiring opportunists. Now they want more?


They shut down my websites, break into my accounts, tap my phones. When does it end? They obviously don't want me to see my daughter when she turns 18 in 6 months. She's never been abused and she wants to see me so why are they so sadistic? What are they hiding?  Now I hear from others the Atascadero Police Department is asking others about me. Why are they going through all this trouble to track me on a false "mistermeaner"? Why are they covering up their crimes and who's behind it?


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