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Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Way Home (Gag-Order Back Door)

This is NOT, repeat NOT about "confidenality" of the minor as CPS likes to claim. If you look at their own statistics you will see that 80-90% of the children are not physically abused or molested.  Most of the cases they classify as "neglected" yet to CPS this could mean that the Mother didn't give their child Ritlin or vaccinate. This agency would like people to believe that they have all of these abused children in America and you would think we are living in a third world country. There are some cases of child abuse, however, the number of cases where a child dies at the hands of their biological parent is far less than those who die in foster care. It is said that 1 in 4 children will be molested, abused, raped, or killed in foster care. The true abuse cases are  sensationalized by propaganda and the media covers these stories.  Nancy Grace, Oprah, and others  air these cases on TV over and over.  CPS has a major advertising campaign and offers to give foster parents grant funds and pay off their mortgage but these techniques are unethical because they cover up the  "truth" about all the children who are abused or die in care. 

When there is a case of true child abuse these parents are given a jury trial and they actually have more rights than the innocent parents. The guilty parents are prosecuted whereas  in the "kidnapping cases" most parents don't have any trial, and many don't even  have any criminal charges against them. It does not matter to CPS whether you are innocent or guilty for they usually keep the child in the system for at least 1 year. This way they can obtain Federal funds. Once they take your child you are forced to complete a "case plan" which they bill you for later. . Most parents and children are given mental disorders and 2/3 of the children are medicated. 

Some children are returned and others are not. It depends on how much money they can make off your child. Many parents are given "gag orders" and threatened if they go to the media. I was told I had to write and tell them not to cover my story.  I was slandered and charged with Contempt of court because I spoke out and I refused to take down my websites. Instead I fled to protect my first Amendment Rights - FREEDOM OF SPEECH AND FREEDOM TO GO TO THE MEDIA


osoluckyme said...

This was my fellow Activist who has disappeared. Her number is disconnected and she hasn't been online for months now. I am worried about her....

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