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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Black Bart Robers Thoughts on CPS

Regarding that riduculous letter from a CPS Fascist who says 96% of the accussed are guilty. CPS has the worst reputation of anyone since Hitler. Even the teachers are afraid of CPS and call them Fascists. The federal government passed a law requiring every state to pass laws to protect parents and children. California passed AB636.

I was involved in your disgusting actions when my wife died of cancer. i am introducing legislation directed to the County intervention in the case of a death in the family.

"A case worker (as you describe) who has seen such horrible transgressions of violence and sexual molestations will not be in a correct frame of mind to handle a case where there is a death in the family. A separate person well trained who has not been subjected to this violence is (by the law i am introducing) required to interview a child when the Mother dies."

Rather than ask the usual questions of did your father molest you, how about helping? Assure that frightened child that her father is depressed and cannot care for her then. How frightened can a daughter be when after seeing her strong Father turned to depressed mush and her Mother die? How about, "CPS will help until he is better. Your father loves you and would not harm you in any way."

How do you think it feels to lose my wife to cancer. Then have my child taken from me becasue i am depressed. Then when i think CPS and the Courts are there to help me i am accussed of sexually molesting my 11 year old daughter. Then have court documents say she thought i was going to kill her and kill myself.

Yes i was depressed but i know depression and can handle it without dying.

Maybe if even the best of CPS,David, who i liked had read the books they recommend they would understand what to do.

According to Motherless Daughter's by Hope Edelman when a Mother dies while the daughter is in puberty that daughter feels the Father will sexually molest her by placing her in the position of his wife.

This happened to me then when i read the book it fit. Amazingly a CPS worker, David, who i liked recommended the book. His wife had died and his children had read it.

Oh, but he did not read it.

That will sit fine when i call CPS into court in the California Supreme Court for reckless endangerment of my child's life AKA attempted murder. Oh sorry, i forgot you have immunity. Just keep on the armbands so we know who you are.

Just to your credit: I would not do your job and i also if i did i also would be wanting to imprison every man who ever walked the face of the earth after seeing what CPS sees. Cigarette burns on two year olds to keep them from crying. Sodomy that almost resulted in the death of a two year old.

Still you accuse everyone of sexually molesting the child in order to intimidate them. Then the child goes to Foster Care and all the system makes money.

As for me? I am ready to give up my citizenship and move to another country where there is some decency in family life and some remaining social fabric. I never had therapy with my child and could never talk to her. Now after seven years of separation when trying to set up a Roth IRA with the $100,000 we set aside for her i was hauled into court again. I have been in jail a total of 88 days for breaking restraining orders. Yup, i did call my daughter on her Birthday. Off again to Camp Snoopy (County Jail). See You next March 10 also.

Believe it or not some men are decent husbands, Fathers and Men. And i am one of the remaining actual Americans. I fight for my rights in court, the Legislature and with words.

Robert J. Lanier

AKA Black Bart Roberts
After the Greatest Pirate Ever Known


osoluckyme said...

I would sure like to meet this guy! I like the way he writes and I am sad to see what CPS did to him.He's right they are SICKO-O's. All across the nation - they are all the same. We need one big Mental institution to house CPS workers. Maybe that's where we should be spending our federal dollars.

Anonymous said...

I truly feel for this man. I too lost my mother at a young age, DCS tried to tear our family apart as well. We are fortunate to have stayed together through it all. However DCS is now taking my infant nephew and giving him to strangers to adopt. I will never stop fighting for him. He is small and without a voice, for now I am his voice and FAMILY should always come FIRST!!