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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Today's Family presents Prevent Child Abuse America.

GREAT VIDEO. Thanks! Forwarding to everyone! check out my videos


osoluckyme said...

I did NOT post this video. This is what CPS wants us to believe they do. Maybe some do, but not here in San Luis Obispo. Here they are corrupt as hell

osoluckyme said...

If you don't believe me go to CPS's website and they won't allow you to post any comments. That's because they are CORRUPT in California.

Try pretending you have a child in the system, or maybe you do have a friend who's child was taken for no reason. CALL CPS. See how they treat you. This agency is worthless. All they do is tear families apart.

VERY FEW CHILDREN ARE ACTUALLY ABUSED. They broadcast all these abused children but its to get sympathy so people donate money. they have non-profits they put the money in and they get a paycheck without paying taxes. That pisses me off.

This agency is guilty of RACKETEERING! Take a look at the RICO ACT. It's all there.

California Corrupt-O-Meter is sky high since 2003. Research and help expose the corruption!