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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Child "Protection" Reform - Website exposing the TRUTH about CPS

http://projectcpsreform.50webs.com/ - Information about CPS and how YOU can help us educate others so we can reform this very broken system. CPS hurts more kids then they help. A child is 10 times more likely to be abused or die while in foster care. More than 70% would be better off with their loving parents. These children are supporting an agency that is not helping most children. The Federal Government is furnising funds but the number of children are increasing each year. This is due to Federal Grants and other incentives that CPS earns. This agency is "kidjacking" many children for PROFIT and are drugging them for more money. When does it stop? We need to tear down the wall and start all over again. Remember Berlin. IT CAN BE DONE. We need to start all over and build a system that will protect children. One that focuses on family and reunification. Not abuse or isolation from biological parents. We need CPS to go back to what was originally intended - TO HELP ABUSED AND NEGLECTED CHILDREN.

Join me in my efforts to REFORM CPS

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Katheen Dearinger

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