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Monday, January 11, 2010

Celebrities Speak out Against Corrupt CPS


"The foster care system is totally obsolete. Kids are being killed, abused and even experimented on.At age 18, they are aged out of the system, they give them $5 and a bag of lunch and say go live your life. Most of these kids end up in trouble, jail, or a mental institution. All the kids in the group homes, juvenile detention centers and over half of the people in prison overall come from the foster care system."
Darryl "DMC" McDaniels 

"When you look at the number of African American children in foster care around the country and you look at the woe that has befallen the children, it breaks your heart. A lady said to me in Oakland, Ca., "Mr. Cosby, you should see them when they get out of the van and they're being transferred from one house to another and they have everything they own in the world in a black Hefty bag that they're carrying. They look like refugees." She said that you look at the children's faces and there's neither happiness nor anger. There's nothing left. If by age 18, you've been in over 20 homes, how do you trust anybody anymore? Our people need to feel these things and hear these things. They need to feel it like when you rip a Band-Aid off. We need to feel the sting. Otherwise, it becomes as ordinary as saying, "Pass the salt." How many more stories do we have to hear? Come on people, it's time for change".
Bill Cosby

"I am tired of children being removed from parents who love them.I know personally of a similar case.... I and several young actors will start talking about this case and highlight this issue in the international press if this will not stop."
Q'orianka Kilcher

"To be honest with you, I hold what I call a flawed culture in the Department of Child Safety responsible.They struck me as people with no morals, no ethics and they are only there for careers and not for a concern about the people who they are taxpayer-funded to serve.I find it evil and I think the taxpayer needs to know.It would seem the care of children has been lost in bureaucratic games."
Don Greene

"The safety I fear was the abuse in foster homes, because I wasn't abused and raped on the streets the message I got was that the streets were safer in my mind; when your young you think that your immortal."
Cupcake Brown, Author of "A Peice Of Cake"


Anonymous said...

Yeah, it's bad. Hey--I've got an idea! How about if women like you STOP ABUSING YOUR KIDS so they don't ever have to go to FOSTER CARE?? You are such a liar, Kathleen, and everyone knows it. And don't think he hasn't been trying to sell those pictures of you, because he HAS.

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