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Friday, January 8, 2010


Dear Committee Members,

I am aware that Child Protection Services is a Government Eugenics agency, however, there is no true oversight within Child Welfare, especially since investigations are all done internally. For this reason alone we need to establish accountability! Many people have become unfairly targeted, simply because CPS has "quotas" to meet in order to obtain Federal Funds. Children must be taken away so agencies can generate enough income to offset the growing payroll of Child Welfare workers and other contracted vendors. Families have no where to turn when dealing with a corrupt CPS agency, and those associated are Racketeering using non profits. Monies are being wasted on personal luxuries and other extravagances rather than on programs that are intended for children. Many Politician's are affiliated with children charities and are receiving campaign contributions from Big Pharma, therefore, there is no longer a true "Separation of State". Politicians will not respond to fraud complaints, nor pass bills to stop the over drugging of children. Some of these medications are not even FDA approved. Child Advocates; Casa and others, are not meeting with children which is extending their stay in foster care, and Attorney's are being paid for by the County usually side with CPS. Many Judges sit at the head of Adoption agencies and often times oversee Mental Health cases, which enable them to terminate parental rights; deeming parents to be incompetent. Judges are also affiliated with Children charities and are receiving kickbacks from Detention centers, so basically the child has no one representing their best interest. Police are receiving Grant funds under the COPS or CIS (Cops In School) Program, so they too have now become corrupt. Therapists are giving parents & children false mental conditions and are double billing Medical; sometimes billing for children that don‘t even exist. Doctors are misdiagnosing and over drugging children because they are receiving kickbacks from Pharmaceutical companies. Medical professionals are committing insurance fraud and this is draining our Social Security. This is partially the reason America's medical expenses are double than what they are in the rest of the world. There is a HUGE collusion between CPS, Doctors, Lawyers, Therapists, Child Advocates, Law Enforcement, and other contracted vendors who are all profiting from Child “Protection” Agencies.

I am currently working on obtaining funds to create a National online Registry. Data would be anonymously entered using an online interactive database. This register will contain information that will track and store fraud complaints of organizations and individuals, which would be compiled and sorted by County and State. This will assist in determining validity while documenting events. Complaints would be screened and responded to much quicker and this will reduce the incidences of fraud and misappropriations of funds. If a system like this were to be implemented then families and children throughout the United States would not continue to suffer grave injustices at the hands of those who are abusing the very system for which it was intended. They would be able to make complaints without fear of retaliation and the real criminals who are abusing their power would be punished for their crimes against humanity.

If you would be interested in hearing more of my suggestions, please feel free to contact me at: 530-926-2701. Below is a link to 'Our Story' which  describes how  San Luis Obispo (Califiornia) CPS kidnapped my daughter for Federal Funds: http://tinyurl.com/TheDearingerStory  Many of the individuals who were involved were on the following Children Non Profits: http://www.box.net/shared/cnp6fok9i8

Sincerely yours,
Kathleen Dearinger
Families Unite 4 Children’s Rights Foundation

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