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Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Media & Their Influence In Shaping Our Perspectives

January 16, 2010

Ok,  today I’m going to talk about the MEDIA and their coverage of Child Protection Services (CPS) cases,  or lack there of.  There seems to be a complete BLACKOUT of news coverage on what is really going on with the millions of  children who are being abducted  by the US Government each year.  I know, you say - well, there’s privacy issues that are of concern to  Child “Protection” agencies, who claim to be protect the anonymity of abused children; using the term ‘Confidentiality . But are they?  Why is it okay for these same agencies to exploit millions of children by placing their names and pictures all over the internet, yet operate in strict “secrecy” during the process of removal?  These same children who’s previous identities were concealed can be found at various adoption websites, listed in the ’For Sale’ section in ads that are being done by  the very agency who claims to be ‘protecting’ children. So, the question is - who are they really protecting? 

The current system that is being utilized to obtain children is veiled in “secrecy“, and even the media is not allowed to attend these “secret” hearings. Child Protection agencies claim that they are removing abused children, yet most of  these “secret” hearings are held in “Civil” Court rather than in “Criminal” Court. This protects the real criminals who are trafficking children, and since there is no media coverage the public never learns the truth.  

Did you know that Social Services has a ‘Media’ Department and Social Workers are embedded within the  media to write opinion biased stories? That’s right, so whenever there is a true case of child abuse the Media is contacted to run the story - over and over and over … until we become indoctrinated enough to believe that we should be taxed more money for the sake of combating child abuse.  This conditioning persuades people to vote in certain bills to increase Federal funding to Child Welfare agencies who are money laundering, and this is done all being done under the ‘guise’ of protecting children.  Worse yet, is despite the fact that we have TRILLIONS of dollars going into child protection, more than half of all child deaths occur AFTER they are removed by Child “Protection” Services. But you won‘t hear these stories or the real statistics from the media. They won’t tell you that 7 out of 10 children who are placed into foster care are  abused, molested, or even killed, or that  80% of our prison population are former foster kids. They don‘t tell you about the over drugging of  children who are in the system and that 2/3 of foster children  are being placed on  psychotropic drugs. Not will they tell you  about the kickbacks they are receiving from “Big Pharma“.  Instead, the media shares heartwarming stories and encourages people to foster a child or to adopt, and foster parents are given monetary 'incentives'. Advertising campaign slogans, like this one at Adopt Us Kids states: “you don’t have to be a perfect parent to adopt a kid, there are plenty of teenagers who will put up with you”, are sure to attract  less than ‘quality’ foster parents. Yet, CPS would rather adopt out children than to  return them to their biological  families because trafficking children is very profitable. The adoption frenzy is driven by supply and demand, and the more people adopt, the greater the demand  for ‘merchandise’.  In order to meet the needs for the adoption “industry” and others Child Protection Service agencies must obtain more Children - and they use the media to do it. 

Many parents have proof that their children were kidnapped by the Government yet these stories go unheard.  But if a child were kidnapped by a stranger there would be media hype: “Amber Alerts”, parents crying on TV, newspaper articles,  and milk cartons depicting a picture of the missing child. When the Government does it you won’t a peep out of the media … Shhhhh 

The media doesn’t mention that most of the children who are removed by CPS are not abused or neglected, oh no, those cases rarely get coverage.  In fact, the media hangs up on parents who attempt to share their stories and they ignore proof that is mailed to them.  So who are these people that mold our opinions and why the big Cover up? Well, let’s take look at the people who control the media. We have a small number of  corporations that control all of the world’s opinions and shape our beliefs. This mental engineering is mostly owned by Zionists who also happen to have their hands in the Political arena and the very profitable Drug industry.  It is this stereotyping  and exploitation of children that is influencing our thoughts and beliefs, not the reality of what is actually occurring in America. There is no power greater in the world today than the  great manipulators of public opinion and unfortunately taxpayers continue to fall for the fraud that is draining our economy and ripping good families apart.  
Kathleen Dearinger ~ 

Why is the media keeping quiet? Click here to find out ----> http://tinyurl.com/SocialWorker-Eugenics


Anonymous said...
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Rebecca Beasley said...

My two youngest children were taken from their dad while we were separated. Our stories are very similar except that we knew people within the system that helped us keep up with them when we were not allowed to talk to them. You can find our story by linking to my name.

God Bless you and I hope this is resolved soon.

Rebecca Beasley