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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Attachment Therapy Child Torture

I am posting these videos so people can see the truth. Some are foster kids. I know what I saw and what they did to my daughter. Jenny told me from the first meeting with the therapist she was saying negative things about me and trying to convince her I was a bad mom. She told me "I don't think the things she's saying are true Mom. She's trying to put negative thoughts in my head". I agreed to switch therapists. The social worker didn't like this and insisted Jenny see that therapist. When I told her I made an appointment with another therapist she took my daughter. Jenny told me She dreaded fridays. They made her disturbed and suicidal. She would sit and color like a 5 year old and stare. I saw my daughter being traumatized each week and I witnessed the Director and others being sadistic.

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