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Thursday, January 29, 2009


Jeez this story could have been mine....lots of parallels   
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"Further complicating the child’s access to safety was the withholding of evidence by Child Welfare Services (CWS) and  OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE by the soon to be former Chief of Police Jim Mulhull in Atascadero, California" 

"The evidence withheld from Court Record by C.P.S. included my ex-husbands past abuse, restraining order, contempt of court, kidnapping, substance abuse, Recent child custody orders. My daughter statements and repeated requests to go home were ignored by CPS and the court. Her letters and MySpace page showing a CPS REFORM VIDEO with a picture of NOOSE and an EMPTY GAS CAN. The words I LOVE MY MOTHER, THERE'S NO PLACE LIKE HOME, I WANT TO GO HOME, on and on. All were ignored. Her text messages were placed on this blog but CPS claimed they could not read them. Videos were placed on YouTube but CPS flagged them so they were taken down"  

Not only was Kathleen fighting to protect her daughter from CPS but she was dealing with police corruption by the soon to beformer Police Chief who authorized illegal house raids and had officers monitoring Kathleen's home. The Police arrested Kathleen on a FALSE DUI charge to stop her from speaking out at a Rally in Washington DC. She was asked if she was going to attend just the day before. The Police Chief did not like the idea that Kathleen was making legislative proposals to stop the corruption and they knew she was investigating the NON PROFIT ACCOUNTS assocuated with Child Welfare. Turns out the Police Department have a new children's non profit and they are paid each time they remove a child. This explains why the officer went outside with the Social worker....so they could cook up false charges and give me a high bail. Kathleen persisted in calling CPS and the police to help her daughter but was warned of the consequences of making any further reports. She was not allowed to get her daughter who was being mentally abused, nor was she allowed to take her to a therapist of her choosing, but to one chosen by C.P.S."

"Week after week, the Juvenile  Court, C.P.S, and the Atascadero Police  prevented her from protecting her own daughter. Instead, her daughter was forced to have her 16 1/2 year old be dragged from foster care to foster care and into the hands of the suspected abusers."

"Slowly but surely, Jennifer was forced into silence. The distress over her daughter’s suffering became so traumatizing that Kathleen  was unable to perform her job or operate her business. Kathleen had previously had perviously been a thriving entrepreneur. However, in order to pay the attorney fees, and fight for her daughter she became forced to sell her real estate property in a distressed market, and lost the family home. She had no one to help her. The distress and desperate attempts to get her daughter back caused her health to fail" 

"Kathleen contacted several child advocacy groups, government agencies, and private non- profits that were unable and/or unwilling to help protect Jennifer, and the prosecutor refused to investigate why CPS kidnapped Jennifer, They would not help her even after she went to their office to ask for help. Kathleen contacted City Manager Wade McKinney but he ignored her calls. So did the school, CASA, and other children advocates"


Kathleen had to leave California because she was tired of being slandered by the Police and CPS. She was tired of asking for help, tired of the house raids, police visits, and false arrests, so she left town for her own protection for it was evident that the Police, CPS and others were attempting to quiet her from speaking out about kidnapping her daughter.

Katleen was embezzled by $30,000. A squatter broke into her home and her bookkeeper forged $10,000 worth of checks. She also broke into Kathleen's bank account and transferred $20,000 out of her line of credit. Kathleen's personal belongings were stolen. Her safe was broken into. The police allowed the squatter to remain in her home despite the fact that Kathleen did NOT rent her home or have any rental agreement. The squatter removed items out of a storage untit even after Kathleen requested they place a warrent because the items belonged to her. They obstucted Justice by ignoring this request. Her car was stolen and police were aware of this -- but again they refused to help Kathleen even after she gave them proof of embezzlement and mailed her complaint in writing. The District Attorney refuses to prosecute the theives and now the bank cut off Kathleens $100,000 business line of credit that was needed to float her business. Kathleen can't file a loss report with the insurance company because the Police are obstructing Justice.




Watcher said...

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Anonymous said...

Yeah well why don't you say who you are. Obviously you are either with the Police or with someone affiliated with CPS.

What part of my statement was a lie? These are the facts JACK.

How come the police sent detectives to my home and why did they go through my house without a warrant? what were they doing digging in my drawers while they handcuffed me in front of my house. Why did they say to my camera man "Why is Kathleen contacting people who won't help her" after seeing my correspondence with the Senator? WHERE'S THE LIE? Isn't it true that the police Detectives are not helping me right now with the embezzlement and theft?

Why did my documents "disappear" after I told Lt. Dana I was investigating CPS? Who would want to break in and take only my court documents? I happened to be at a police officers house when my items disappeared. I was visiting my horse who was at Officer Linda's house.

What about the truck? Police knew it was stolen. They saw it being driven around town. How can you miss it? My truck has my company logo on it and BOTH my name and my daughters name? It was found abandoned after I told the Chief of Police I had witnesses.

Why didn't the police place a warrant on the storage unit containing my items so an inventory could be done? Why did they obstruct justice? Why didn't the detectives look at my evidence of embezzlement which included detail of embezzlement from a CPA, copies of the forged checks, witness statements, tapes, text messages. 100% proof that I was a victim of fraud and theft. Police covered it up. They let this man stay in my house instead of charging him on breaking and entering.

Why does the Atascadero Police dept have a children's non profit? Why is the Board of Supervisors on the Police department's non profit? One is City and one is county and Mothers go to the BOS for help. This explains why they wouldn't meet with me. I think we have too many hands in the cookie jar.

Why were all of the key people who were involved in my case on a children's non profit?




- just adad said...

Are you referencing CA, or WA/ID?

Maybe it is true, "its hard to Stop what starts at the Top."

Racketeering, &
Via "the children."

It should never pay,
To hate,
Or invigorate,

This is your State(s) on Dough.
Any questions?

Dare them,
to just say NO,
to the DOUGH!

IV-mainliners need be brought to light; not further rewarded.

Ring the bell that still can ring,
Forget you perfect offering,
There is a crack in everything,
That's how the light gets in.
- Leonard Cohen, Anthem


Anonymous said...

"First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.": Gandhi

"In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act" George Orwell

Take no part in the unfruitful works of darkness, but instead expose them Eph 5:11

"...the man who really counts in the world is the doer, not the mere critic-the man who actually does the work, even if roughly and imperfectly, not the man who only talks or writes about how it ought to be done." (1891) Theodore Roosevelt

Great spirits have often encountered violent opposition from weak minds. -- Albert Einstein

Anonymous said...

I'm glad the police raided your house if in fact they were looking for evidence of child abuse. CPS should be able to do more. And as for your ex-husband, he sounds like a real winner. What were you thinking? Really sucks about your daughter, but why are you making yourself out to be the victim?

Anonymous said...

I don't live in America, but I am the victim of conspiracy and corruption by the police too. I can identity with this story as my life was directly heading down this path. The difference is I have not been arrested. There were several attempts to entrapped me, drug/poison me, to death that would appear as if it is all a tragic accident. This was all in aid to stop me exercising my right not to be racially harassed. Everyone colluded, my family and friends. I subjected to torture, I was sexually exploited, I was on hell. I went to the police to report attempts to drug me and I was laughed at and turned away because the individual who carried out the act was acting under the instruction of the police. So I identity with this lady story and I believe her.