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Saturday, January 24, 2009



What are you trying to pull now Collins?  You yelled at my daughter telling her I had a DUI years ago and you now you seem intent on getting me falsely convicted  so you can keep my daughter in the system. You even had your social workers slander me and my daughter's  cell phone was taken to the Police station so you could use the Police to harass me and spread the slanderous lies you told them.

You really are a tyrant. Hope your proud of your  kid jacking empire. Have you ever thought about what you are doing to all of these children?

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On Wed, Jan 25, 2006 at 6:55 PM, osoluckyme-gmail wrote:
You can save it. I have the proof. You can't sue me for libel when everything I'm saying is true.


Have a nice day

ps how come the income went up by 75% on your non-profit?

----- Original Message ----- From:
To: "Kathleen Dearinger"
Sent: Monday, July 07, 2008 1:46 PM

Subject: Re: Contact Us (response #1153)

Ms. Dearinger:

Everything you have said is a complete and total fabrication, based on your
own imagination and the nonsense that you probably are picking up from
websites established by child abusers, the pro-spanking lobby,
anti-governmental zealots and the lunatic fringe.

I have never said that I was "friends" with judges.  You asked if I knew
them, and I indicated that I know most of them, but only in a passing
professional capacity.

We do not receive any personal monetary reward for taking children into our
custody.  The IV-E funds about which you rave must be matched by County
dollars at 60% of the non-Federal share.  These funds pay only for the cost
of care.  It is expensive--very expensive--for us to keep children in
out-of-home care.  This is why we do far less of it than most of our peers
in other counties.  And, when we do have to remove children,  we place them
with relatives more than any other county in California.

There are no "Adoption Saturdays."

I have had zero involvement in your criminal case.

To the extent that you continue accusing any member of the Department of
Social Services of violating any laws--knowing as I do that you do not have
any evidence of such violations, as none have occurred--I will seek redress
against you for your libel.

You refuse to seek competent legal counsel.  You lie about your criminal
history.  You refuse to do the one simple thing that would have resulted in
reunification:  Your refusal to seek counseling, based apparently on your
paranoid delusions about our influence upon therapists--is in itself
evidence of your troubled mental state..

When the ultimate reckoning occurs, you will have to face the facts of your
own complete and utter abandonment of your daughter.  And all the websites
you create, videos you post, congressmen you visit and letters you write
will never compensate for your denial of the simple request made of you by
Jennifer:  "Mom, just get the counseling."

Lee Collins

                      .com>                     lcollins@co.slo.ca.us
           07/07/2008 02:13
           PM                                                    Subject
                                     Re: Contact Us (response #1153)

Mr. Colllins,

I don't know what kind of  sick "game" you think you are playing, but I
assure you will regret kidnapping my only child.  I am quite resourceful
and  I have no problem exposing this corruption. You have abused your
position as a Director of  the San Luis Obispo CPS.

You think your slick by having your social worker Amy Sensenbach  kidnap my
daughter from school for no reason. Then  you  ship her  out of state in
the middle of the night so she can't contact me. When she arrives the phone
is disconnected and she is stripped of her cell phone and is unable to
leave the house.   Don't worry  Jenny was still able to get in touch with
child advocates when no one was watching. She stays up late  to record the
events and  these recorded statements will be given to the proper
authorities who will be investigating you.

My daughter  tells how sadistic you are .  She goes into great detail about
the abduction. Her  story is  quite compelling. Her  statements will be
heard by many. Everything is documented, including your own statements of
how you don't care about the law and how  you are  "friends" with the
judges. We have detailed information on everyone involved, including the
non-profit organizations you are affiliated with,  the income you are
embezzling from stealing children.

You are in collision with Attorney's, therapists, doctors, judges, CASA and
others. You influence criminal court cases and have the District Attorney
unfairly  prosecute parents so you can keep children in the system. You
give parents and children "mental conditions" when you cannot find abuse or
neglect. You violate HIIPA laws and allow your workers to fabricate
documents and fax  information to doctors, violating HIIPA laws and
ruining  medical files. You violate  State and Federal laws, WIC laws and
many  others.  Your agency is  unethical and you use deceitful practices to
obtain children.  You don't care about the  families you destroy and how
you  damage normal healthy children.  You are corrupt.

Now you are now attempting to overturn two previous court orders in which I
was awarded physical custody by fabricating lies for the court and omitting
facts.  You are using  these false statements to keep my child "hostage".
Your agency had  never even  been to my house or investigated before
stealing my child. Now it appears that your social worker, Louise Tobin is
filing a  388 petition to give custody to the father. You are doing this to
obtain Title IV E funding. You are fraudulently obtaining these funds for
there never was any child abuse or neglect. you are simply taking advantage
of my ex-husbands hostility.  You are aware that the father is using your
agency to get  out of paying child support and are allowing him to use your
agency to finance his  "custody battle".  You are are improperly using
Federal funds for personal gain.  You are aware that my daughter has been
drinking alcohol and doing drugs while in Iowa, yet you have allowed her to
remain in a hostile situation against her will.

We have information about your agency; the social workers and how they
coerced my daughter, the bribes,  the chaperone's, etc. My daughter
reveals everything, including her meeting with the Judge.   I know all
about the "adoption Saturdays" in which attorney's and Judges celebrate
kidnapping kids and how you purposely give the parents false mental
conditions  so you can steal children. I have no intention of paying for
foster care, false doctor visits, negative therapy, travel expenses, or
anything else that has to do with your kidnapping my daughter who has been
a "hostage"  since January. My family has been unfairly victimized by your
agency and you have obstructed justice. You are guilty of conspiracy for
committing fraud and may I remind you that stealing children for profit is

I have plenty of evidence against you Mr. Collins.  You are a tyrant. You
are one sick puppy. You took my only child and you will not get away with
it.   I promise.

Have a great day

Kathleen Dearinger
On Mon, Jul 7, 2008 at 8:49 AM, wrote:
 Good morning, Ms. Dearinger

 The Board of Supervisors has referred your inquiry to me for response.

 As you know, your daughter was removed from your care and placed in our
 custody by the Juvenile Court.  A service plan was established that would
 have resulted in your daughter being returned to you, but you were unable
 or unwilling to follow the simple requirements of that plan that was
 ordered by the Court.

 We have looked into the allegations that you make concerning your
 daughter's safety and find them to be unsubstantiated.

 As always, your best option is to retain competent counsel to assist you
 this important legal matter.

 Thank you for your inquiry.

 Lee Collins, Director
 San Luis Obispo County Department of Social Services

NOTE: There are emails he said telling me he was going to turn me into a "Marytr". I don't have my computer with me but you can clearly see that the man is a TYRANT. He's trying to force me to see a "therapist" in SLO County. I went to a therapist out of the area. He didn't like that. Could it be because he is the Director on the Mental Health and is also on the non-profit? I think so. Oh the corruption is so thick in SLO


osoluckyme said...

The only reason collins wanted me to get "counseling" is so he could profit. He's on the non profit for Mental Health. The guy could use some "therapy" himself.

Anonymous said...


I do NOT have a criminal record. I had some DUI's when I was younger but Mr. Collins on the other hand is committing fraud and many other crimes against Humanity (READ THE ARTICLE: Social disservices.

Anonymous said...

LEE COLLINS is the one that is wrong, In Cincinnati we are going through the same thing down here and something needs to happen for this to stop. Collins has to defend the game or lose his job and he is mad because people are coming out with the truth on him and not being scared to tell it. Everybody needs to quit being scared and tell everything on these corrupt criminals. STOP CPS CORRUPTION!