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Saturday, January 3, 2009


We all know the Jews control 98% of the media. That's why CPS is hiring Zionist to work in the higher up positions. I found their websites recruiting Jewish social workers and other positions. I've read the reports that state "improve media relations". If my dead JEWISH grandmother knew what this agency is doing she be spitting up her MATZA BALLS. I GUARANTEE you my feisty old Grandmother would have had the MEDIA pounding down their mishegas doors!! It's not kosher to kidnap kids. What a bunch of schmucks. oy vey


ps. I'm posting this on both of my blogs because CPS is monitoring them and I want to make sure that CPS's Jewish attorney see's it. I called Sally Flanders, the Jewish lady who hands out Federal funds to let her know CPS was committing fraud by illegally obtaining Federal Funds.

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