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Thursday, January 22, 2009


Written to a Judge who contacted me:

Dear Judge XXXXXX, (names edited for privacy)

I spoke with Senator XXXXX a few weeks ago and have been meaning to call her back. Senator XXXXX knows my story and has been instrumental on bringing this situation to light.

We have a huge corruption problem going on in California and throughout the rest of nation. Good people are being destroyed by a system that was meant to help children. As a former foster parent I am appauled at what has become of the Child protection "industry".

I don't want my daughter to be part of this corruption. She's been sheltered for most of her life and she doesn't understand this sort of evil. My daughter had a very good life with me and we had a nice home. I own a business and I have taken my daughter all over the world. I have raised Jenny since she was 6 months old on my own and we are very close. Jenny was taken last January when she was 16 1/2 years old. CPS took my daughter and my best friend for no reason at all and they did horrible things to her.

Although it is true that my daughter and I had a squabble over a boy I disapproved of last December and I did admit to slightly damaging a "door" to my own home. I had no idea this was a crime or the nightmare I would have to endure because of this agency. An officer told me he did not feel this was child abuse and I cannot see anywhere in the law that state it is. Given the fact that my daughter is almost an adult I feel this incident was taken to the extreme. The damage was done after my daughter was being difficult and I insisted she go with me Christmas shopping. She wanted to sneak out to be with the boy so she kicked me in the lungs and I had an asthma attack. I have emphysema. I did not damage the door to hurt my daughter but rather it was to protect her from seeing the Juvenile deliquent abusive boyfriend. I was trying to open a locked door. CPS took Jenny and conspired with the Police who threw me in jail on $100,000 bail. The door was barely damaged and it was replaced. Jenny was returned 5 days later and we were told to go to counseling. We did everything CPS told us to do and I thought that was it. 43 days later they simply kidnapped my daughter from school.


There were no fights during this 43 day period. Jenny and I usually get along great. My ex-husband started sending emails to the social worker right after she returned home. During this time period Jenny was receiving regular visits from a social worker at school without my knowledge. Jenny would come home moody and lock herself in her room while I obtained parenting books. I called CPS to better understand what was going on with my daughter and I even requested that they remove this social worker from our case. I felt she was biased after reading her report and correspondence with my ex who had made false allegations. My request was denied. This social worker wanted my daughter to see a "certain" therapist. Jenny didn't like the therapist, explaining that she was trying to negatively influence her thoughts.

I allowed Jenny to switch therapists but when the social worker found out she didn't like this. When I called my therapist to report that Jenny had cut herself on her arm at school wiith a paper clip the social worker used this as an excuse to take my daughter; stating this was an "emergency removal. Jenny was taken within two hours after I told her social worker I had found Jenny a different therapist. A FALSE mandated report was made AFTER my daughter was removed.

I would never have guessed that CPS could do such a thing, after all there has never been any history of me abusing Jenny. But CPS distorted and twisted the truth in court for no real reason. I feel they were prejudice against me because of the lies my ex-husband told them. He had lost TWO prior custody cases. I left my ex when Jenny was just a baby and although he was abusive towards me when we were together this never stopped me from letting him see his daughter. In fact, I even let him live on my ranch and work for my business. I had no malice towards him, but apparently he remained bitter. He always told me he had no intention of paying his back child support even after I had lowered his support to 275.00 a month with no interest. I feel certain he used CPS to get custody of our daughter and now I am losing everything I own because of it. CPS is not "custody court" and my daughters father is not a better parent than I am. Taking my daughter away served no real purpose other than traumatizing her.

As a mother it is painful to see how corrupt this agency is in San Luis Obispo. I saw how they hurt Jenny and made her emotionally unstable. Social workers and others coerced, bribed and threatened her. They used scare tactics that were sadistic in nature using "punishment-reward techniques". When Jenny told them she wanted to go home they placed her with chaperones 24 hours a day. She wasn't even allowed to go to the bathroom by herself. She was placed i 5-6 different foster homes and all I could do was cry. I visited her regularly while her father did not. He disconnected his phone. I was only able to see her 1 hour a week "supervised" and eventually CPS cut off all contact. Jenny started cutting all over herself but they still alienated her from me.

When she ran away and came home she was hunted down like prey and dragged back into foster care. She pleaded with everyone including her Attorney and the Judge to let her go home and even applied to become emancipated but Judge Picquet denied all of her requests. He also kept her off court record and told her she was going to "be a good little girl and get on the plane." She was forced to get on a plane in the middle of the night to "Iowa" where her father lives in a trailer.

Once there her cell phone was taken away and she was kept hostage. She wasn't allowed to leave the house and social workers forced her to get a job at a daycare center so she would be monitored while her father worked. This also prevented Jenny from making her court dates which CPS scheduled purposely while she was on a "visit" with her Dad. Jenny did NOT want to be in Iowa and she continued to cut. She told the Ankeny Police and social workers there but no one listened.

CPS went on witch hunts against me. They manufactured false evidence which they used in court. I took all of their drug and alcohol tests which proved I don't have a substance abuse problem but they wanted me to attend classes anyhow so they could get funding. They didn't notify me of court dates so I wouldn't be able to attend and this is how Jenny became a ward of the Court.

Everyone worked in collusion with one another. CPS has terrorized me for speaking out, even using the police who have manufactured lies and have broken into my home without a warrant. My court documents have been stolen and I suspect tampered with. The courts in SLO stamped the back of my filings and withheld my case files from me. CPS breaks every law that exists pertaining to Children Welfare and they do not follow the WIC guidelines. I had an attorney that I paid to help me but apparently he works closely with CPS. He did not represent my best interest. CPS is now using his partner as my daughter's Guardian Ad Litim who said to me "your daughter is a hard nut to crack". That says it all. No one represented my daughter's best interest. There was NO investigation. No one visited my home and CASA never even met my daughter.

CPS had no right to take my daughter for they had no true case of child abuse or neglect and they did not have a warrant as required by law.

CPS violated HIIPA laws and faxed confidential information to the doctors and slandered me. I didn't even know this Doctor and my health was jepordized because of their interference. Lies were placed into my medical file due to their slander and the doctor and therapist refused to give me copies of my file.

The Director of CPS Lee Collins told me he would turn me into a "Martyer" if I fought back. I brought a file cabinet to my meeting with him with all the laws and he told me he didn't care about the law and was "friends with the Judge". The Police issued me a false DUI to stop me from speaking out in Washington DC and now I have a warrant which is based on the another lie.

I have done TV and radio shows but CPS in San Luis Obispo keeps slandering my name and they even call into the radio stations stating that I am crazy when I do not have any mental condition. They do this tp parents to keep my daughter in the system. They have also placed an unlawful "gag order" on me but I pointed out to the Judge that he is required to uphold the US Constitution and asked him what is the big secret - the "paper clip or the door". This made him angry, especially after I offered to let him see his elected official form that he signed to uphold the Constitution. Then they tried to cite me on contempt. It was getting worse and after several house raids I decided to flee the state.

The State of California dropped the "door" charges but they still have my child.

The kangaroo courts that parents have to face due to CPS are horrendous. There is no justice in San Luis Obispo. I had videos, tape recordings and text messages from Jenny but they didn't care. CPS flagged the videos I had on YouTube of that Jenny and I made when she ran home because they wanted to hide the truth. Even the State Ombudsman wouldn't meet with me. It seems that the entire system is broken. The police won't charge the people who broke into my house and stole $30,000.00, my car, our belongings and now the bank has cut off my line of credit due to this fraud. My house is in foreclosure now and soon I will loose my business that was worth over 1 million dollars. Did I deserve this?

I never got the chance to present the truth.

This is why I want permission to take my daughter out of this country so that justice can prevail. I want to meet with the United Nations so we can open up these "secret" courts. I feel certain this would not have happened if spectators were witnessing the events and equally certain that there are other cases just like mine. I have reviewed the Geneva Treaty on Human Rights and many articles were were violated.


Your Thoughts?

Kathleen Dearinger
Families Unite 4 Children's Rights Foundation
formally of San Luis Obispo County CA


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Families Unite 4 Childrens Rights Foundation said...

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