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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Letter to School Superindentant in Atascadero CA

January 29, 2008 (They took custody away illegally on 1/26/09)
*contact me for copy of this hearing)

Dear school officials,

I have called many numbers  since my daughter was illegally kidnapped over one year ago by Child Protection Services. Not one person in San Luis Obispo helped my daughter or even listened to either of us. I was slandered with lies by this agency who used the Atascadero police to harass me. There was no child abuse or neglect yet the school allowed CPS to take my daughter from school without a warrant as required by law. There is no criminal conviction against me, nor was I given due process before custody was  transferred to the Father earlier this week, I have never been able to present my evidence due to the extreme corruption that exists and due to the "secret courts" of San Luis Obispo. 

I can't begin to explain what it feels like to see a child protection agency hurt my daughter and so many children. As a former foster parent I am literally appalled and anyone who was part of this maliciousness should be ashamed. If I hadn't seen this corruption with my own eyes I would never have believed it. I have documented all of  the events so that my daughter can sue once she turns 18. She will turn 18 in 8 months and there is no statue of limitations. If she decides to take action I will be 100% behind her because of how this deleterious act was carried out. 

 Although CPS  falsely accused me of "not protecting" my daughter this is not true. Jenny was in school at the time she cut herself and it was me who called the therapist. This cut was done  while she was in math class and witnesses saw this event. It was self inflicted and no one at school seemed to think it was "child abuse" for the false mandated report was made a week later, after I contacted the therapist when I noticed a scab on her arm.   My daughter was NOT in any imminent danger for she wasn't even home. Certainly there are plenty of mandated reporters at school so if there were a concern an investigation would have taken place before my ex-husbands emails.

Social Worker Amy Sensenbach kidnapped Jenny from school based upon false allegations which were made up by my ever spiteful ex-husband and his parents. There is a long history of hostility between us due to his actions during our last custody battle when he was in contempt of court for not returning our daughter. He alienated her from me and it took therapy to help Jennifer through those events. Shawn had lost two  prior custody cases so he used CPS.  The Judge's final determination was based on numerous reasons and there were home visits and Guardian Ad Litems, yet none of this was ever considered, 

Amy Sensenbach went on "witch hunts" against me and was assisting my ex-husband who lived 3,000 miles away;  communicating with him through emails BEFORE Jennifer was taken from school. The school allowed this Social Worker to remove Jenny without any proof  of abuse or neglect. There was NO investigation and there was NO imminent danger. There was NO visit to my home before the removal and there was NO warrant. This is is illegal. 

My daughter was kidnapped.

The school participated in this evil act by allowing this unlawful removal. They knew my daughter was a happy, popular teenager and certainly they knew she was not abused. I have have met with Ms. Rogers a few times and have attended school events. I have made contact whenever I had any concerns and I never had any problems with the school prior to my daughter's removal.

Jenny was taken without a mandated report and was placed into foster care illegally. She was not allowed to call me and her cell phone was taken away. She was a prisoner. Jenny and I tried to keep in touch with one another using  2 cell phones the school took it away and gave it to the social worker who gave it to the police. I had gone to the school and requested my phone but they refused to give it to me. 

I asked the school for help but I was treated poorly.  I requested that Jenny meet the child advocate who works at Atascadero High school but she refused. I contacted CASA  but they claimed they had a wait list and they never even met my daughter. I called the school Superintendent, the Board of Supervisors, and many others but no one would listen.  My daughter begged many people to help her go home. All of her requests were  ignored. She asked the Director of CPS, the school principal, school counselor, her attorney, social workers, foster mother, police, chaperone's, probation officer, and many others for help. She ran away but was hunted down like prey and dragged back into foster care. She tried to get emancipated but this too was denied. She was forced into "therapy" every time she wanted to go home. 

Her attorney said to me “your daughter is hard nut to crack"

Social worker Amy Sensenbach not only takes children from school but she also writes the reports for the court and goes into Judges chambers during the hearings. My daughter tells me she wanted to take her home. This is on tape. So is the text message my daughter sent me telling me social worker Louise Tobin was in her bedroom at  11:30 at night. WHY? Of course I became alarmed, especially after witnessing sadistic behavior from workers at CPS. 

Jenny was  traumatizing for 6 months and was alienated from me for no reason. She was shuttled into  5-6 foster homes where she became very unstable.  Social workers, therapists and others worked on her head continually. They bribed, threatened, and coerced my daughter. When Jenny told them  wanted to go home they  placed her  in high security foster care where she was forced to have chaperone's with her at all times to make sure she didn't run home. She couldn't even go to the bathroom alone. She told me she scared. She became so depressed that she turned to drugs. She learned how to smash up pills and snort them from her foster sister who got them from Jenny's foster mother. I worried about my daughter constantly. She was sneaking out at night to call me and and was started ditching school. She tried so hard to stay in contact but everyone made this near impossible. For mother's day she snuck out to see me but we were surrounded by the police. She told them to take her to Juvenile hall if they wouldn't let her go home. Part of this tape can be seen on You Tube. CPS officials took down other videos on You Tube not because there was any violation of terms, but because they didn't want people to know that my daughter wasn't abused.


They were sadistic, they lied, they fabricated reports, they committed perjury, and many people worked in collusion with one another to carry out this organized crime. When Jenny started becoming emotionally distraught and  began cutting on herself she was sent out of state in the middle of the night. After she arrived the phone was disconnected. . Jenny did manage to contact a children's advocate who was able to get her statement on tape before her cell phone was taken away. While on an unscheduled “visitation” social worker Louise Tobin worked on transferring custody to the father. After a month when Jenny was to be returned Louise flew to Iowa to make arrangements to keep Jenny there. Jenny was forced to work at a daycare center so federal funds could be obtained. She was kept there so she would miss her own court dates. Jenny had met with the judge before going to Iowa. She begged him to let her go home. This was heard in Judges chambers so CPS made sure Jenny couldn't testify until they sent her to more “therapy” and turned her against me.

Jenny was not allowed to testify for most of her hearings. Her rights were continually violated. When I subpoenaed my daughter CPS would not present her in Court. Jenny was supposed to have a telephone testimony but this too was blocked. Jenny and her friends send me text messages but none of this evidence was allowed. Jenny put up a CPS reform video on her my space website the day before the hearing but this was ignored.


Everyone affiliated with CPS or who were Federally Funded ignored my calls Social workers changed their phone numbers frequently or were always on vacation. They purposely avoided my calls so that I would leave messages. I didn't mind because all this did was document the events of what a parent has to go through when CPS is unethical. Social workers violated HIIPA Laws contracted workers were paid to make false reports. They lied in Court and committed perjury. They also ruined my medical file.

Now our home is in foreclosure and we will lose everything we have.

What did we ever do to anyone to deserve to such evil?



jackie95 said...

I'm 13 yrs old and i live in Canada
When i was 4 yrs old my parents had been divorced for about a year and a half.CAS came in and brainwashed me they told me my momdidnt love me and that she didnt want me anymore ect.(i was living with my dad at the time).I lost 6 YEARS with my mother thats time we will nvr get back.all that time i thought she didnt want anything to do with me or love me it wasnt until a couple years ago i realised what really happened they didnt like my mother so they punished her by taking way her child and making her think she was a terrible mother.I know this isn a long message but take the time read it and think about what they do to kids my age and the age i was when they started.they are always harrasing us and im sick of them so any kids who r my age or a little older going through this rite now and be as stubborn as possibloe dont answer the door phone or anything for them stand up for yourself very few parents dont love there own children.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing Jackie. The same thing is happening in the USA and in England. I believe England recently opened up their courts but until our Countries do many children are going to be hurt.

Time is precious and I have lost 14 months I can never get back with my daughter. We had plans to go to Paris once I sold my business but this agency and their conspirers have destroyed our lives.

Meybe they justify their actions thinking that she will be ok with her Father, but did they ever realize how much they hurt her by lying to her and alienating her from me. I have never kept my daughter from her Dad, it has been the exact opposite. The point is CPS , the schools, and the police are not Judges and this is why they have Family court. CPS should never be used to win custody and this is what my ex-husband did.

TWO people were hurt and my daughter now doesn't want to talk to me because of all these lies. She has been around people who have had negative influences during a vunerable time in her life. This to me IS child abuse. To make a child turn against their own parent for financial gain should be punishable according to law. This agency broke many laws and they have gotten too corrupt to be able to protect children.

I think Child Protection needs to be abolished and we should have the police remove children when there is EVIDENCE of abuse or neglect. In our case there was NONE. They used my daughter to make money and according to Law that is called HUMAN TRAFFICKING.

I have emphysema and this is why I want to spend time with my daughter. What this agency did was beyond evil.

Kathleen Dearinger

Anonymous said...

"First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.": Gandhi

"In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act" George Orwell

Take no part in the unfruitful works of darkness, but instead expose them Eph 5:11

"...the man who really counts in the world is the doer, not the mere critic-the man who actually does the work, even if roughly and imperfectly, not the man who only talks or writes about how it ought to be done." (1891) Theodore Roosevelt

Great spirits have often encountered violent opposition from weak minds. -- Albert Einstein

Unknown said...

I am very gald to have found your website and such detail oriented stories I myself are having issues with a cps case involving unproffessionalism, falsafying of documents, slander, child abuse while in cps care, failure to be givin rights, etc I am a Masters of Criminal Justice student so I have tried all my resources and have never recieved call backs or hit wall I was wondering if you knew of any one whom can help me I live in Sacramento area thank you so much 530-921-4487 Deanna Hepler

Unknown said...

I am very gald to have found your website and such detail oriented stories I myself are having issues with a cps case involving unproffessionalism, falsafying of documents, slander, child abuse while in cps care, failure to be givin rights, etc I am a Masters of Criminal Justice student so I have tried all my resources and have never recieved call backs or hit wall I was wondering if you knew of any one whom can help me I live in Sacramento area thank you so much 530-921-4487 Deanna Hepler