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Sunday, January 18, 2009


Dear Friends,

Change is coming! Please send your story to

The main points could be (use your own
words or feel free to use the following):

A new form of pernicious violence against women and children is
rampant in our country.

1. Across the country, family courts are removing children from
parents (mostly mothers) who are trying to protect them from physical
and sexual harm. Even nursing infants are torn from their non-abusive
mothers. Courts are placing these children in the custody of the very
parents whom the children insist are abusing them. Protective pare
nts are bankrupted trying to protect their children from batterers
and molesters, who use family courts to obtain custody of their
victims and avoid prosecution. The right of parental access trumps
the right of child safety.

2. Family courts have become lawless star chamber proceedings with no
due process or checks and balances. Courts have unfettered power with
no effective oversight that would ensure that children are safe from
physical and sexual harm. Appeals are ineffective because they are
lengthy, prohibitively expensive, and do not address child safety

3. Because of our government's complete lack of responsiveness to
these violations of child safety, a petition was filed with the Inter-
American Commission on Human Rights. Older children are speaking out
about their court-ordered abuse, which in some cases is comparable to
third world rape and torture camps.

4. We need Federal hearings and investigation to bring this hidden
problem to light,20to return the children to their protective
parents, and to hold accountable the perpetrators and the systems
that enable and order their abuse.

5. In my case (a few sentences of the most egregious events in your
case. You can even provide photos and videos.)
If you include the names, county, state of those who harmed your
child, there is always a concern about retribution if the court
somehow finds out. You could always state that you fear retribution
and are using a pseudonym, which is a powerful and accurate statement.

Here is a great article that might help if you want to add more

A few other websites you could add to your email are:

Thank you for your strength and courage and don't be shy about naming names. These people who broke the law need to be prosecuted. Shame on CPS for hurting children.

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